GLASGOW, Scotland, November 8 /PRNewswire/ --

- Includes Details of a Film Premier on Friday 9th November.

VIP visitors to a new training centre in Glasgow will be the first to see a harrowing film warning of the dangers of 'spiking' drinks with drugs.

Produced by teenage learners from the Rathbone training charity, "Mad wae it" follows "Tony's" journey from his flat (where his drink is tampered with by his mates), through to the nightclub where he collapses; ending with a sombre scene at his graveside. Amongst those to witness the "Irvine Welsh-like" tale will be Baillie Gordon Matheson and Ambassador of the Rangers FC charity, Mark Hateley (Friday November 9th).

"While the purpose of the premier is to offer community leaders a warm welcome to our new premises, the movie will be a poignant reminder of the dangers young people face today" said Ann McInnes, Rathbone Centre Manager for Glasgow.

Figures suggest that one in four young women who regularly go to pubs or clubs have had their drinks spiked. The main reasons people do it are to carry out a sexual assault or theft. Some 11% of victims are male and in the Rathbone film, the spiking is done to Tony merely for amusement (or to make him, "Mad wae it"). Although the stars of the film, 16-year-old Tony Neary from Denniston and his on-screen girlfriend Jamie Lee Bissell (aged 17 from Toryglen) have never been the victim of spiking, they and their fellow cast members are from neighbourhoods where the problem is prevalent.

Shot over two months, "Mad wae it" will been shown in Rathbone Centres across the UK and get its public premier at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Rose Street, next week.

But you can be amongst the first to view it, at... Rathbone 6th Floor Riverside House 260 Clyde Street Glasgow Friday, November 9th 12:30pm

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