TORONTO, California, March 22, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Cloudcor Inc(TM), the premier Cloud Computing event organizer, today announced that Spirent Communications have been selected to deliver a headline keynote address at CloudSlam'10(TM), a virtual cloud computing event taking place March 23 - 25, 2010. Jurrie Van Den Breekel from Spirent will deliver the presentation titled A Billion Served on March 25 at 6:30 pm (EDT).

We are delighted to have Spirent join our elite network of partners for this year's annual CloudSlam'10(TM) initiative, said Khazret Sapenov, Chairman of CloudSlam'10(TM). Spirent is a proven world leader in data center performance testing and validation making their insight on the marketplace invaluable to our attendees.

Cloud computing is the new killer platform that takes service providers and enterprises into the age of network services capable of infinite scale. As an example, a few thousand servers with hundreds of cloud services could serve one billion or more users or end devices. Delivering services at this scale is now possible with multi-core processing, virtualization and high speed Ethernet. However, even today the mix of implementing these technologies requires careful considerations in network infrastructure design. This presentation by Jurrie Van Den Breekel will address the challenges of the network infrastructure enabling cloud services at infinite scale.

What happens in the cloud impacts every one of us and Spirent is on the forefront of addressing the for the performance issues of cloud computing environments, said David Hill, Spirent vice president for EMEA. Spirent is pleased to be involved with the CloudSlam'10(TM) initiative.

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About CloudSlam'10(TM)

CloudSlam'10(TM) - Produced by Cloudcor Inc(TM), is the premier Cloud Computing event. As an affordable and cost effective way for industry leaders to exchange ideas and experiences, CloudSlam'10(TM) opens new horizons of cloud computing and serves as a springboard to success. CloudSlam'10(TM) will take place March 23-25 2010 -Online. For more information, contact Khazret Sapenov - or visit

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