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- Spirent's Award Winning Solutions, Services Mitigate the Risk of Migration to New, Advanced Data Centers

Spirent Communications plc ( (LSE: SPT), a leader in networks, services and device testing, is showcasing its Spirent OnDEMAND Data Center Testing service, a critical element of the industry's first holistic approach to data center testing. Leveraging a team of testing experts working both on and off-site, Spirent validates all aspects of a data center to detect and mitigate performance, security, and scalability problems before the launch of new or advanced infrastructure and applications. Spirent was recently recognized by Frost Sullivan as the leader in enterprise network test and measurement solutions ( for research and evaluation labs.


Spirent's OnDEMAND testing services enable data center operators to successfully navigate the complexities of advanced data center technologies by:

-- Delivering the industry's most comprehensive suite of data center testing services which validate various aspects of these facilities such as networking, network security, storage, virtualization, cloud computing, collaboration and applications -- Determining the energy efficiency of deployed or soon-to-be deployed data center systems which measure GreenPut(TM), the throughput per watt of network elements, and calculate the power consumed under various traffic and session load -- Seamlessly applying independent testing criteria to a variety of deployment projects which include consolidating large underperforming networks to a single more efficient network with high resource utilization, extending the reach of the traditional data center into the cloud computing environment; and upgrading existing IT infrastructure to support new applications and proprietary enterprise solutions

Today's operators of enterprises and data centers are continually seeking ways to best optimize their existing IT infrastructure and related resources, said Lucinda Borovick, research vice president for IDC's data center network services. Such efforts go hand-in-hand with realigning the cost of running these networks over time. As a result, the trend toward migrating to virtualized data centers helps to address these issues. But ultimate success hinges upon taking a holistic approach to understanding and assessing the networks performance not just today but in the future.

The growing demand for collaboration applications and unified computing architectures is forcing CIOs and CTOs within enterprise organizations to evolve their data centers to more productive and cost-effective networks. With Spirent's OnDEMAND services, data center operators can ensure the highest possible return on their infrastructure investment while reducing the cost of service down time by thoroughly testing performance against key metrics.

The pressure to reduce the total cost of ownership associated with data center operations coupled with the strong focus on driving productivity and gaining a robust return on investment is increasing the demand for holistic solutions that help to meet these goals, said Neil Anderson, vice president, Global Services at Spirent Communications. With support from Spirent's OnDEMAND services team, IT managers can significantly mitigate the potential cost of flawed network deployments by detecting performance problems that can lead to revenue loss, customer base erosion, and even brand damage.

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