LONDON, March 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Sponsor121, a company launched in December 2010, is an online research tool that connects brands with innovative sponsorship ideas.

Robert Jackson, Managing Director of Sponsor121, says "In the current economic climate, sponsors want to identify under exploited sponsorship assets that cost effectively maximise impact with their core target audiences. Sponsor121 solves the problem of trying to find those assets".

Sponsor121 ( offers a free research service that identifies sponsorship ideas on behalf of brands and agencies, and a marketplace that sponsors can search themselves.

The company is seeing promising results, with The British Film Institute, The National Portrait Gallery, and The Rugby Football League already registered, also aims to:

- Bring more transparency to the sponsorship industry

- Create a standardised process for researching sponsorship opportunities

"Sponsor121 will bring choice, control and transparency to sponsorship for the first time, creating a marketplace where value can be accurately assessed and compared" says Jackson.

Sponsor121 is a sponsorship ( research tool that connects brands looking for innovative sponsorship ideas ( with companies that need to get sponsorship (