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Stantum Technologies (, a pioneer developer of multi-touch sensing technology, and Vision Objects, the industry leader in handwriting recognition, have combined their respective technologies to provide a state-of-the-art solution for the mobile market. Each company is demonstrating the joint multi-touch/handwriting recognition technology this week at Mobile World Congress - Stantum in Hall 2.1, Stand 2.1F67, Vision Objects in Hall 1, Stand 2F49.

Stantum's technology can be used by all mobile electronic devices with resistive multi-touch sensors - from PDAs and smartphones to MP3 players - and runs on the leading operating systems and semiconductor platforms, enabling implementation in standard environments. The innovative multi-touch technology lets the user simultaneously move an unlimited number of fingers, fingernails or utensils (such as styli) on a screen and includes such capabilities as finger-pressure detection and gesture recognition.

Integrating with Stantum's multi-touch technology is Vision Objects' MyScript, a handwriting recognition solution designed for any touch screen and optimized specifically for small-footprint platforms to provide high-accuracy recognition of more than 85 languages. Backed up by a simple, intuitive interface, users can write a message effortlessly with either their fingertips or a stylus and see their text instantly and accurately transcribed into digital text. MyScript not only recognizes all handwriting styles but also intuitive gestures that allow users to write naturally, insert spaces and line breaks, and easily correct text by editing gestures - from simple backspace gestures to natural scratch-outs.

We are delighted to be associated with Vision Objects in this project, which adds significant value to our multi-touch solution, said Robert Pelissier, Stantum's vice president of sales and business development. Handwriting recognition combined with multi-touch will let users write in a more playful, intuitive and reliable way. Manufacturers of electronic devices will surely welcome this new functionality.

Commented Jean-Marc Aichoun, Vision Objects' vice president of sales and marketing: We are highly pleased with the integration of our MyScript and Stantum's multi-touch solution. Indeed, we can now offer the new generation of electronic devices an unrivaled way of interaction and a great user experience that provides the fastest, most reliable way of entering data in a mobile device.

About Stantum Technologies

Stantum Technologies ( has been the pioneering company in multi-touch display technology since 2002, and in 2005 was the first company to market commercial products using a truly reliable multi-touch user interface. Today, Stantum's breakthrough technology portfolio is available under license for products covering ever aspect of multi-touch interactions: touch panels, controllers, intellectual property cores; and software framework. Stantum is headquartered in Bordeaux, France.

About Vision Objects

Vision Objects ( provides the industry standard in handwriting recognition technology and text input methods for pen-based user interfaces. Vision Objects' groundbreaking MyScript technology reliably recognizes and converts handwriting into smart, valuable and searchable digital information. MyScript is available in a wide range of languages addressing markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. It is integrated into many existing systems for high-level form processing, personal information management, messaging, education and automotive applications. Vision Objects' mission is to develop and market accurate, high-performance handwriting recognition-and-understanding software for any platform using handwritten data entry through pen-based user interfaces, such as digital pens, PDAs, tablet PCs and smartphones.

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