SAO PAULO, December 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Stefanini IT Solutions (, one of the most important IT consultancies in the world, was named first in the list of the most important outsourcing companies in Latin America, according to the Black Book of Outsourcing study. Leading the companies in Latin America, Stefanini's positioning reinforces a commitment to continue growing through the offering of high quality services to its customers in the United States and other regions of the world, said Marco Stefanini, founder and president of the consultancy.

The Black Book of Outsourcing, part of Datamonitor Group, is a globally recognized annual study compiled by the Brown-Wilson Group that evaluates the cost x benefit of outsourcing processes, based on answers to questionnaires distributed among more than 26,000 executives worldwide.

With a presence in 16 countries, Stefanini placed first, achieving the highest score in an evaluation of 31 leadership and management criteria and 18 performance indicators. The study is based on customer experience, of which more than 600 are Latin American, and include formation, extent of services offered, scalability, reliability and price flexibility.

According to Antonio Moreira, Stefanini's director for North America, being at the top of the list validates the quality of services that Stefanini has been providing its customers, both in Latin America and throughout all of North America, through Nearshore Delivery Centers. Moreira said: The report also points to Latin America as an important destination for North American companies that are intensely seeking viable cost-effective alternatives outside of the Asian region.

In this context, the 2009 report also includes information on Latin America's growing position as a destination for IT outsourcing for the North American market and identifies several favorable features, such as time zone, variety of linguistic abilities, qualified labor, and free trade agreements with the United States, in addition to an intense effort to make labor laws more flexible. The survey also concluded that North American companies are among the most satisfied with the outsourced services from the Latin American region.

Latin America is gradually moving up into the top IT outsourcing positions, and the study points to leadership as the cause. Stefanini IT Solutions is a leader in the reliable, scalable and cost-effective supply of outsourcing solutions, concludes Scott Wilson, a partner of Brown-Wilson Group and co-author of the Black Book of Outsourcing.

About Stefanini

Stefanini is a multinational Brazilian company that has been operating in the IT Services industry for 22 years. With operations in 16 countries, the consultancy began the internationalization process in 1996, and today business outside of Brazil accounts for 20% of the company's total revenue. With total verticalization by industry sector, the consultancy has important expertise in the financial market (serving the ten largest financial institutions in the country), telecommunications, insurance and government.

The services it offers include Consultancy, Integration, Solutions and Outsourcing Development for Applications and Infrastructure, in addition to Business Process Outsourcing. Recognized around the world, Stefanini is among the 100 largest IT companies in the world (BBC News). In Brazil it has been recognized for the fifth consecutive year as the best company in the Software Manufacture and Integration sector (InfoExame). Follow Stefanini news on Twitter:

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