MOSCOW, August 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- STOIK Imaging announces the release of STOIK Video Converter, a dedicated video conversion, processing and enhancement suite. Available in Free and Pro editions, STOIK Video Converter Pro can convert between AVI, DV, MKV, MOV, MPEG 1, 2 and 4, and WMV formats in all possible combinations.

Supporting all possible codecs and video formats, the tool allows users playing back virtually any type of media on most portable video players. The ability to trim, cut, split, merge and resize video streams enables easy upload to popular video hosting services. The Pro edition includes more than 25 filters, allowing for one-click video enhancements. Including 295 one-click presets, STOIK Video Converter Pro allows users to forget about the video hell, taking care of exact resolution, format, and file size requirements imposed by the many different video players and online video upload services.

About STOIK Video Converter

While being a video format converter, STOIK Video Converter Pro offers much more than that in a single package. Packaging a wide range of codecs, STOIK Video Converter Pro does not require searching for and installing cumbersome codecs in order to read or write a certain format, and offers a true all-in-one solution for accessing videos produced by most modern and legacy cameras and recording devices.

STOIK Video Converter Pro makes it easy to produce videos matching any specifications. The tool can produce files playable on almost any dedicated or portable video player, and makes video clips compatible with most online video upload services.

On the output size, STOIK Video Converter Pro offers 295 ready-made and easily customizable profiles. The profiles allow users producing videos that perfectly match specifications (screen resolution, bitrate, file size and format) supported by their video player or online upload service without having to know or remember the correct parameters.

The Pro edition adds more than 25 video effects and filters to process and enhance video streams on the fly. To name a few, the filters include: Smart Deinterlace, Hue, Saturation, Brightness Contrast adjustments, Despeckle, Noise Removal, Crop, Local Contrast adjustment, Film Grain, Motion Blur, Mosaic, Flip/Rotate, and Auto Adjustment.

Pricing and Availability

STOIK Video Converter is available in two editions: Free and Pro. While the majority of competitors only offer video conversion - for a fee, the Free edition of STOIK Video Converter offers a variety of conversion options, one-click device-specific profiles for popular video players, and DV file output.

The Pro edition is available for $29, adding a host of video processing effects, filters, and adjustments such as automatic scene splitting. The Pro edition offers 295 one-click profiles for most video players and online publishing services. In addition, the Pro edition supports MP4, MPEG 1 and 2, MKV, MPEG TS, 3GPP, and 3GPP2 output formats.

About STOIK Imaging

Established in 1994 by a group of talented physicists and mathematicians, STOIK Imaging develops innovative Windows and Mac software for still image and video processing. Its founders have extensive background in developing image processing and data acquisition projects for a Soviet space program. Today, the company produces a wide range of image processing solutions for consumer and professional markets, and provides independent consulting and development services. The company licensed its technologies to a number of companies from the Fortune 500 list.

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Press contact: Dmitry Harchenko Title: CEO Company: STOIK Imaging E-Mail: Phone: +7(495)225-13-27 Skype: dharchenko


CONTACT: Press contact: Dmitry Harchenko, Title: CEO, Company: STOIKImaging, E-Mail:, Phone: +7(495)225-13-27, Skype:dharchenko