ATLANTA, May 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Stonebranch(R), the industry leader in Managed File Transfer (, announced the launch of its Managed File Transfer Packaged Service. The offering is part of SAP's Packaged Services Program in the U.K. and Ireland, which is designed to provide easy-to-implement, off-the-shelf solutions to address clearly defined business problems. The Managed File Transfer Packaged Service will provide organizations throughout the U.K. and Ireland a secure file-transfer-driven business process that reduces costs within the infrastructure.

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Jon Laughland, U.K. Country Manager for Stonebranch, said, Many key processes within an organization are driven by the movement of files. The ability to safeguard the secure delivery or receipt of these files and have visibility of the entire process is essential for many customers. This new service, part of SAP's Packaged Services Program, allows Infitran(TM), our intelligent file transfer solution, to solve the issues around unsecure file transfer.

The Managed File Transfer Packaged Service provides support for multiple file types, protocols and platforms; integration with existing applications; secure and reliable delivery; cost-effective management and full audit functionality. Additionally, the secure file transfer solution simplifies administration of the data transfer infrastructure while increasing file delivery.

Recently, the U.K. government approved new penalties for organizations that lose sensitive data, with possible fines up to 500,000 pounds Sterling for serious offenders. With the alarming rate of data-breach increases in the U.K. and globally, the Managed File Transfer Packaged Service will enable companies to protect their data from breaches, preventing costly fines and further ensuring an organization's reputation.

Wolfgang Bothe, CEO and president of Stonebranch, said, Offering our Managed File Transfer Packaged Service as part of SAP's Packaged Services Program in the U.K. and Ireland enables us to broaden our presence in the U.K. market and increase our global footprint in the managed file transfer industry. This solution allows organizations to deploy an industry-leading, cost-effective managed file transfer service to protect mission-critical business processes.

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Stonebranch provides solutions which govern business processes and data exchange for businesses. In 2009, Stonebranch launched Scribbos(TM), a subsidiary of Stonebranch. Scribbos offers a secure business communications solution, which complements Stonebranch's Infitran(TM), its Intelligent File Transfer Solution, and Indesca(TM), its Independent Scheduling Agents solution. Used separately or as a suite, Stonebranch and Scribbos products and services interoperate with existing platforms/infrastructures and emerging technologies. Stonebranch clients include some of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Stonebranch has offices throughout the world, including Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. For more information on Stonebranch, please visit:

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