ATLANTA, March 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Stonebranch, the industry leader in Managed File Transfer ( and Job Scheduling technology (, announced today the release of Infitran and Indesca 4.1.0. The latest release enhances Indesca(TM), Stonebranch's Independent Scheduling Agents solution, for SAP(R) and Infitran(TM), Stonebranch's Managed File Transfer solution, for IBM(R) z/OS and iSeries.


John Mecke, director of product management for Stonebranch, said, Organizations continue to require increased capabilities on governance, improved production operations and integration. The latest release delivers these for our customers and the market. With improved ease of use, operational control and auditing, Infitran and Indesca continue to lead the market.

With improved SAP enhancements, both Indesca and Infitran customers can support the key business processes of their financial and reporting systems. Stonebranch customers benefit from end-to-end visibility and workload automation across their key SAP business processes.

Additionally, with Infitran's extended logging capabilities, Stonebranch customers gain improved internal reporting and governance requirements of their production operations.

Wolfgang Bothe, CEO and president, said, Our flagship products, Infitran and Indesca, continue to address critical business processes across the enterprise and their data centers. The movement of data, the effective management of automated processes and increased support of applications is fundamental for all our customers' deployments.

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About Stonebranch

Stonebranch provides solutions which govern business processes and data exchange for businesses. In 2009, Stonebranch launched Scribbos(TM), a subsidiary of Stonebranch. Scribbos offers a secure business communications solution, which complements Stonebranch's Infitran(TM), its Intelligent File Transfer Solution, and Indesca(TM), its Independent Scheduling Agents solution. Used separately or as a suite, Stonebranch and Scribbos products and services interoperate with existing platforms/infrastructures and emerging technologies. Stonebranch clients include some of the world's largest financial, healthcare and technology institutions. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Stonebranch has offices throughout the world, including Germany, The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. For more information on Stonebranch, please visit:

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