MUMBAI, India, June 11 /PRNewswire/ -- The Indian telecom sector has taken great strides forward in recent times, and the high rate of growth in the mobile phone market has amplified market prospects. These positive trends in the telecom industry bode well for the general purpose (GP) test equipment market as these testers are employed for a variety of purposes ranging from research and development (RD), manufacturing to installation and maintenance (IM). Besides telecommunications, demand from defense and education sectors in India is also driving growth in the GP test equipment markets.

New analysis from Frost Sullivan (, Indian General Purpose Test Equipment Market, finds that market earned revenues of over Rs.4,346.0 million in 2007 and estimates this to reach Rs.6,692.5 million in 2011.The study covers the following markets equipment segments: electronic counters, network analyzers, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, multimeters, LCR meters, power meters, signal generators, function generators, arbitrary waveform generators, digital pattern generators, and protocol analyzers.

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As security concerns assume the limelight in the wake of the terror threats and security concerns facing the country, an enormous amount has been budgeted for defense spending, which includes communication technologies, says Frost Sullivan Program Manager, Deepa Doraiswamy. A decent proportion of the spending goes into procuring test equipment, which mostly includes general purpose (GP) test equipment, and this is expected to create good opportunities in the ensuing years for the GP test equipment market.

GP test equipment spans a host of applications, from the simplest current voltage testing to high-end RF and microwave measurements making them integral tools for RD, manufacturing and IM.

Cost advantages and availability of skilled professionals have transformed India into a RD hub for various industries. Companies across the globe are investing in RD set ups in the country, and this is favoring the market for GP test equipment.

Further the expansion of communication networks across the length and breadth of the country is necessitating GP test equipment such as the spectrum analyzers and network analyzers. As mobile penetration into rural zones continues to increase, the demand for these testers is also expected to grow in parallel.

Although the GP test equipment market is progressing at a steady pace, there are some bottlenecks that need to be addressed. Offering scalable products in line with the latest technological innovations at a competitive price is proving to be a daunting task for suppliers. While providing scalable products gives considerable marketing mileage, competitive pricing will offer a bigger advantage.

Continuous product improvement with new features demonstrating cutting-edge technology remains the challenging aspiration for GP test vendors to gain market share, says Doraiswamy. They must fine tune their products and make feature additions and modifications to outpace competition. Participants must also cater to the demand for customized products, identifying the specific end user needs across all end user segments.

Round the clock customer support and brand equity are other determining factors for success in this market. Companies are exploring the feasibility of local manufacturing to curtail costs and bring down prices. Most companies have already moved a major portion of manufacturing activities to other low cost destinations.

The need for the development of state-of-the-art products has triggered RD spending and quality control activities. Major test vendors are allocating 10 to 15 percent of their revenues to RD, resulting in the emergence of multi-functional instruments that integrate the functions of diverse equipment into one, marking the end of stand-alone products.

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