OXFORD, England, February 20 /PRNewswire/ -- t+ Medical, the UK's leading supplier of telemedicine solutions for long term conditions has partnered with LifeScan, Inc, a leading manufacturer of blood glucose meters to help people with diabetes more effectively manage their condition.

t+ Medical provides a comprehensive system of care which takes data from LifeScan blood glucose meters and wirelessly transmits the information to a central database. Using intelligent algorithms; this information is then analyzed and translated for patients in the form of simple graphs which can be viewed on their mobile phone or a personal computer. Patients are therefore able to track their condition, and monitor their diabetes giving them greater insight into their disease day by day.

Through this partnership, LifeScan's UK sales force will be representing t+ Medical for sales and marketing with Primary Care Trusts in the UK, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Additionally, LifeScan sales people will be coordinating with the health care professionals of patients who are placed on the system to include them in the support network. The partnership is currently exclusively focused in these markets.

Tim Clover, CEO t+ Medical, said "This agreement brings together two highly complementary technologies and offers improved clinical outcomes and services to patients while creating the opportunities for substantial savings for healthcare providers. Lifescan will be able to expand our commercial efforts by several orders of magnitude while still collaborating on developing the product further and investing in clinical trials to quantify the cost and clinical outcomes."

t+ Medical exclusively uses LifeScan's One Touch(R) Ultra(R) System to obtain the blood glucose readings. The One Touch Ultra system provides accurate test results in five seconds, lets patients enter key information, and is small and discrete. The OneTouch(R) Ultra(R)2 Blood Glucose Meter is a fast, gentle, simple and unique way to see the effects of food on your blood glucose results.

About t+ Medical: Established in 2002 to change the way healthcare is delivered in the community, t+ Medical is a leading provider of technology and remote services to assist in the treatment of chronic diseases. t+Medical's mission is to improve the patient's wellbeing and deliver cost savings for the healthcare provider through innovative technologies and professional, targeted health management.


For further information please contact t+ Medical on +44(0)1235-432050, http://www.tplusmedical.com or email info@tplusmedical.com

For further information please contact t+ Medical on +44(0)1235-432050, http://www.tplusmedical.com, or email info@tplusmedical.com