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"Tablet Computer theft is an epidemic in the making," says Alexander Gad[1], a security expert and a veteran in the computer security industry.

Two thirds of Fortune 100 companies are expected to adopt or pilot the iPad and/or other tablets. Furthermore, there is unprecedented adoption in schools, homes and especially within the B2B market segment. This mass adoption is leading to a tablet theft epidemic.

According to IDC's 2010 laptop theft research study:

- 91% of U.S. corporations experienced theft of portable devices within the workplace (laptops, cell phones, PDA's) in the past 12 months; - Portable device theft is on the rise with 21% of IT managers reporting an increase in levels of theft; - Organizations underestimate the costs of laptop theft by 31% (i.e. hardware replacement, cost of lost data, employee downtime, administration & set-up of replacement hardware, direct security risks and compromise of IP); - Deployment of a tablet lock is expected to prevent at least 40% of tablet thefts.

Gad concurs with the study's conclusions, "Experience confirms that simple and cost-effective measures can dramatically lower the chances of computer theft. Even leaving your laptop with the lid open or keeping the power cord attached to the socket will reduce the odds of theft. While these measures will make an easy snatch and go more difficult, using a Tablet Lock on your Tablet Computer will remove the act of stealing it from the crime of opportunity category."

iPad theft and Tablet theft is greater still, says Gad, due to these devices' growing popularity, ease of theft and concealment. "There is a growing prevalence of Tablet Computer theft in corporate and retail environments; schools, hospitals and basically everywhere a Tablet Computer such as the iPad is left unsecured for even the shortest time; the need to effectively prevent these occurrences is not met by CCTV Security and software solutions."

"While external electronic security measures such as video cameras and security alarms are a 'nice to have' element," says Gad, "they serve as more of a post-mortem than an effective deterrent. Software security solutions aren't much better as thieves are well aware of the new security applications and quickly learn how to go around them posing further risk to your privacy and valuable data."

Gad views Tablet Locks as a necessity rather than an accessory, and strongly believes that physical security such as a tablet lock [ ] , ipad lock [ ] , or ipad enclosure [ ] is the only effective way to protect Tablet Computers, or at the very least, the first and foremost element of a security configuration any establishment should implement.

1. Alexander Gad is a former Special Forces officer and a security expert, currently serving as the GM of the Compulocks [ ] and Maclocks [ ] brands, the world's leading designers and manufacturers of PC, laptop and tablet locks.

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