KING OF PRUSSIA, Pennsylvania, and LONDON, June 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Participating in 'extreme charity' events aptly describes the commitment of MediciGlobal's employees to raising money for noteworthy causes. Last year, one of MediciGlobal's new project leaders climbed Kilimanjaro for cancer research, and this year, the same executive is embarking on a trek across India in a Tuk Tuk (a three-wheeler motorized version of the traditional rickshaw). The journey will raise money for two Indian based charities.

This July, in the UK, MediciGlobal's Global eMarketing Director will be the next adventurer to participate in an extreme charity event. With a commitment to advancing Alzheimer's research, Nick Halkitis will skydive from a plane hovering over Maidstone, Kent. While the charity event offers jumps from a lesser height, Halkitis settled on the highest altitude jump of 10,000 feet.

I have worked on eMarketing campaigns across all therapeutic areas, says Nick Halkitis. In my daily work, I help bring clinical trials to patients on the Internet, and in my spare time I want to help by raising money for research. When I can do this in a fun and challenging way, it makes the fundraising event even more interesting.

Halkitis' sky diving event has been organized by Skyline Parachuting -- the largest organizer of sponsored charity jumps in the UK. Skyline works with over 1,500 charities that are gladly willing to fund each participant's dive in return for a minimum donation of sponsorship money to the charity. Since its establishment 14 years ago, Skyline jumpers have raised over 4.5 million pounds Sterling (nearly US$7 million) for participating charities.

Halkitis will not be jumping alone however; the 21-year-old son of MediciGlobal President and CEO will also be taking the plunge. Austin Moench says, As a pre-med major, I too want to help advance medical research. These are values instilled in me as a member of the MediciGlobal 'family.' I have grown up in an environment where advancing patient causes and clinical research are of paramount importance. Now I can contribute to this in my own way.

Liz Moench, President and CEO of MediciGlobal, encourages team members to support medical charities on the ground and in the air. Participation in charitable events makes us all proud of our colleagues, she remarks. Other MediciGlobal co-workers have been actively involved in supporting bike rides for Multiple Sclerosis.

Halkitis and Moench are scheduled to make their jump on Friday, July 2. They will tandem skydive with the guidance of a professional instructor from Skyline Parachuting. From 10,000 feet, the duo will freefall for half of the distance (5,000 feet) at a speed of 120mph before the parachute is deployed.

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