MUMBAI, India, November 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Tata Interactive Systems is hosting its 5th workshop to further the cause of building awareness of Learning Disabilities and the knowledge of Diagnostic and Remedial Approaches.

In its fifth year, the Tata Interactive Learning Disability Forum (TLDF) will be hosted as a three-day workshop to promote an in-depth understanding of Specific Learning Disabilities (SpLD) and enable districts across the state of Maharashtra, India, to establish independent LD certification clinics. The invitation-only workshop will be held in Mumbai from 18-20 November 2010 and will be attended by Heads of educational institutions and medical practitioners from various districts across the state.

The TLDF-an international platform for experts in the field of LD was initiated in 2006 as part of Tata Interactive Systems' (TIS) Corporate Sustainability initiative towards supporting students with special education needs. Since the past eight years, TIS has been leveraging its core competency - learning solutions - to encourage, enable, and empower students with learning disability and propagating the circulation of information and best practices in the field through the TLDF.

Since its initiation, the TLDF has grown multi-fold, based on the learnings from each year's activities - starting off with spreading awareness about LD, a subject that received scant attention in India, to urging the community to come together and make a difference. In 2008, the TLDF showcased research studies on the life of LD students. The findings of which highlighted the need to reduce the age for LD detection in India - a concern that became the key theme for the TLDF 2009.

The 2010 workshop is aimed at empowering the educational and medical communities in districts across Maharashtra to set-up and operate LD certification clinics in their districts. The first few steps towards enabling this would be spreading awareness and information about the cause.

The workshop will provide participants with an overview of the current scenario of SpLD and further encompass topics such as Identifying children with LD; Preparing their families for the assessment process; Remedial measures; and Provisions given to SpLD students along with several group activities during the course of the sessions.

Over the years, the TLDF has raised the benchmarks and achieved significant milestones in this cause, from supporting the first LD Clinic in Mumbai to influencing the introduction of Special Education in the MBBS syllabus in Maharashtra and contributing to a significant rise in the number of students and schools registering for the certification. More recently, TIS has supported the establishment of an LD Clinic at the King Edward Memorial (KEM) Hospital-marking the third LD clinic in Mumbai.

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