MUMBAI, India, August 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Tata Interactive Learning Forum (TLF) to discuss the convergence of technology in education and how technology will be impacting the market in the coming years

Industry leaders believe that technology is transforming the delivery of education right from K-12 to Universities at a rapid pace. Its introduction and integration will provide institutions an edge, despite the uncertainties posed by the global economy. The TLF (, to be held in Chicago Gleacher Center on October 17, aims to provide a clear direction to the Education market with insights on product strategies, 2.0 business models, and unlocking the intelligence in organizational data silos.

According to Bryan Kantor, Director - Educational Learning Solutions at Tata Interactive Systems (, "The Tata Interactive Learning Forum, now in its fifth year, provides a highly interactive platform for thought leaders across domains to get together, interact, and inspire each other. The TLF aims to help organizations work together to overcome current challenges by sharing insights, innovations, and successes. It comprises discussions of the experiences of various institutions and organizations, and the different tools they use to make learning effective in an uncertain economy. As a unique knowledge-sharing platform, the TLF 2008 seeks to encourage ideas and innovations. This year, the event is comprised of two separate tracks-Corporate and Education."

The event will focus on key issues faced by Universities and K-12 segments, viz., alignment with marketplace trends, delivering the right product at the right time, creation of revenue streams, meeting students' and customers' expectations, and alignment with institutional learning goals.

The TLF is unique in that participants not only stand to gain from the successful experience of their peers in the industry, but also network and exchange ideas with the leaders in the learning. This year, speakers in the Education track include Ray Lowrey, Chief Technology Officer, Cengage Learning; Nelson B. Heller, Ph.D., President, The Heller Reports, a QED Co.; Anne Wujcik, Education Market Analyst; and Maryellen Maher, Ph.D., Executive Dean, Nova Southeastern University, among others.

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For more information log on to Further information from: Bryan Kantor Tata Interactive Systems Sonal Chhaya Tata Interactive Systems +91-22-6643-8000

Further information from: Bryan Kantor, Tata Interactive Systems,; Sonal Chhaya, Tata Interactive Systems, +91-22-6643-8000,