CLEAR LAKE, Iowa, October 29 /PRNewswire/ -- TeamQuest has announced its 10.2 software release with many valuable enhancements, including new VMware capabilities and new dashboard display options such as gauges and heat maps.

This release is the latest edition of TeamQuest's scalable suite of performance software tools for optimizing IT service performance, said TeamQuest Director of Product Management Scott Adams. TeamQuest tools enable rapid problem diagnosis and resolution, helping organizations respond quickly to developing bottlenecks.

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Gauges instantly communicate IT service status in the simplest possible way. Heat maps quickly pinpoint hot spots among large numbers of IT services or the infrastructure running those services.

Reports such as these allow both business unit managers and system administrators to quickly understand IT service performance at a glance, said Adams. And with a simple click you can quickly get more detailed diagnostic information.

The TeamQuest performance suite now boasts enhanced scalable, agentless performance data collection for VMware vSphere (ESX and ESXi hypervisors).

One key advantage of the TeamQuest Performance Software suite has been its support for heterogeneous virtualized environments:

- vSphere (now up to and including vSphere 4) - AIX PowerVM, including LPARs and WPARs - Solaris Containers, Zones, and LDOMs

TeamQuest Model, one tool in the suite, can predict performance in advance, helping to optimize services and avoid costly bottlenecks altogether. The new version of TeamQuest Model makes it easier to find the least expensive, best-performing configurations for P2V consolidation, ensuring that service levels will be met. IT managers can quickly determine the best way to allocate resources to VMware guests. And unlike other tools, TeamQuest Model understands response times inside virtual machines.

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