SUNNYVALE, California, February 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Telegent Systems, the company that makes television mobile, today introduced its third generation analog mobile TV receiver, the TLG1121. The TLG1121 is the first single-chip analog mobile TV receiver based on 65 nm CMOS process technology, reducing power consumption and solution footprint relative to Telegent's previous generation product. With this chip, Telegent continues to bring innovation and technology leadership to the analog mobile TV market.

The TLG1121 provides global support for NTSC, PAL and SECAM TV broadcasts, delivering worldwide support for free-to-air analog TV and FM broadcast reception on mobile devices and enabling consumers to enjoy live television programming - whether news, sports, soap operas or movies - while on the go.

The TLG1121 is offered in a 6 x 6 mm package, reducing package size by 25 percent compared to Telegent's second generation solution while consuming 25 percent less power from the battery. The smaller package size provides manufacturers greater flexibility in PCB layout, enabling smaller, sleeker handset designs. The reduction in power consumption translates to longer continuous viewing time for consumers. The solution builds on the existing picture quality and mobility benefits of Telegent's award-winning mobile TV architecture, delivering stable picture quality while in transit, at speeds up to 430 km/h.

The third generation of our analog mobile TV technology builds on the breakthrough we have delivered in picture quality and mobility while achieving further reduction in size and power consumption, said Samuel Sheng, Telegent's president and chief executive officer. The TLG1121 will enable the next generation of mobile TV devices with longer viewing times and innovative designs, while meeting consumer requirements for viewing experience under both stationary and mobile conditions.

Analog mobile TV has rapidly become the most prevalent form of broadcast mobile TV worldwide, representing more than half of 2009 broadcast TV handset shipments, said Will Strauss, president of analyst firm Forward Concepts. More than 88 percent of the global population will continue to receive analog broadcast TV signals in 2013, providing compelling market growth opportunities for manufacturers building devices for these regions.


The TLG1121 will be available for customer sampling in Q2 2010.

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