SUNNYVALE, California and SHANGHAI, September 27, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Telegent Systems, the company that makes television mobile, today outlined its roadmap for driving new industry standards for best-in-class picture quality, system cost and power consumption in the analog TV receiver market. Telegent's roadmap builds on its market leadership position, with the company having shipped more than 90 million free-to-air mobile TV chips into handsets sold globally since pioneering the technology in mid-2007. Telegent also announced availability this year of hybrid single-chip digital and analog TV receivers that enable its mobile handset customers to sell into markets currently in transition from analog to digital TV standards.

We are continuously and aggressively pursuing industry-leading positions on the technical dimensions that matter most to our customers - picture quality, size, power consumption and system cost, said Ford Tamer, president and CEO of Telegent. These best-in-class standards, delivered in tandem with a comprehensive feature set, consumer user experience and handset brand and operator relationships deliver unparalleled business benefits to our customers.

Key elements underlying Telegent's 12-month roadmap include:

- Continuous development of advanced algorithms that improve picture and audio quality - Continuous improvements to system design that reduce the number and cost of required external components - Continuous migration to smaller process geometries that reduce system size and power consumption - Expansion of supported TV standards - Ongoing investment in new architecture that leapfrogs existing cost and picture quality standards - Addition of features and software that improve the overall consumer experience and ease of use

The families of analog mobile TV solutions that will be released include:

- TLG1122/23 series: Delivers improvements to picture quality, reduces the system bill of material and lowers current consumption. This is Telegent's second product family based on 65nm process geometry. - TLG121x and TLG123x series: Deliver dramatic gains in cost and performance by leveraging a revolutionary new architecture and set of algorithms.

The families of hybrid digital and analog mobile TV solutions include:

- TLG118x series: Integrates ISDB-Tb and analog TV, addressing the Latin America market. This solution integrates H.264 and revolutionizes the Cost platform for ISDB-Tb solutions, enabling an expansion in the type and cost profile of handsets with digital mobile TV in the market. - TLG117x series: Integrates DVB-T and analog TV, with best-in-market picture stability under mobile conditions. This solution is shipping now to several markets in Southeast Asia.

Telegent is our preferred hybrid analog/digital technology supplier for mobile TV solutions in Latin America, said Jaime Narea, vice president of Brightstar's ITC Division. The combination of Telegent's technology leadership, handset customer relationships and its support to our organization in Latin America provides us assurance that we will be able to respond rapidly to operator and retailer demand.

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Telegent Systems is a fabless semiconductor company that enables the reception of live, free-to-air analog and digital broadcast television in mobile handsets and other portable consumer devices. Telegent's television-on-a-chip solutions solve the long-standing technical challenges that have precluded mobile reception of analog broadcast TV, enabling manufacturers and operators to benefit from the convergence of broadcast TV with mobile and portable devices. Telegent's products are the most widely sold broadcast television solutions for mobile handsets in the world. For more information, visit

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