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- Developers benefit from lower cost per channel, system savings and simplified hardware design for NVRs, DVSs and DVRs

At IFSEC, the world's largest global annual security event being held this week in Birmingham, UK, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NYSE: TXN) will demonstrate eight channels of H.264 main profile encoding at D1 resolution (720 x 480 progressive at 30 frames per second (fps)) on a single processor solution. By offering this capability on a single processor, rather than current design solutions that require two or more processors, developers can reduce their bill of materials (BOM) costs. This will significantly lower the cost per D1 channel and developers can utilize a less complex hardware design to create smaller security system components such as digital video recorders (DVR) and digital video servers (DVS). This single processor offering also provides legacy codec support of MPEG-4 and JPEG encode and decode at the same density.

Developers can also combine this single processor with two of TI's new TVP5158 devices. The TVP5158 is a four-channel video decoder with flexible video outputs that removes the need for an external mux FPGA in applications requiring multiple channels, thus reducing system cost by several dollars. Additionally, a single processor solution requires less external memory and board space, providing further system savings. Developers can now benefit from these cost efficiencies and improved design flexibility for video surveillance applications such as network video recorders (NVR), DVSs, DVRs, hybrid DVRs and high-definition cameras for video conferencing (www.ti.com/ifsec09-dvr).


This demonstration is running on a single digital media processor based on DaVinci(TM) technology that will be broadly available in the second half of this year. The TVP5158 will be available in the third quarter of this year. For more information, please contact your regional TI sales office.

TI also provides multi-channel H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG codecs for digital media processors based on DaVinci(TM) technology. These production-tested, optimized video codecs are available directly from TI for simple, one-step product development.

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