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The CDMA Certification Forum(R) (CCF), in partnership with operators and vendors around the world, is pleased to announce the next evolution of its widely successful device certification process. This evolution gives operators and vendors of all sizes access to the world's most efficient and consistent CDMA device certification process.

The early focus of CCF was to deliver the fastest and most reliable device certification solution to emerging markets. Merging the former CDG-recommended test guidelines into the efficient CCF process now gives operators and vendors in all markets a single, comprehensive, affordable, and clearly defined device test process. This new process certifies device minimum performance, signaling conformance, and infrastructure interoperability in a most efficient way.

"We are excited about the release of the CCF Global Certification process," said Lou LaMedica, Director of the Wireless Handset and Device Evaluation and Implementation Laboratory for Verizon Wireless. "Our involvement with the CCF was driven by our belief that CDMA needs a test plan common to all to ensure consistency of results worldwide. The use of a single testing process also removes redundancy, making testing more straightforward and less burdensome without sacrificing the quality of the end product. This new CCF process will greatly benefit the entire CDMA industry."

"Leading CDMA players Alcatel-Lucent and Telus challenged the industry to develop a single device test process that could support all markets, from emerging to the most mature," says Thomas Erickson, President and CEO of the CCF. "The industry rose to this challenge, and, working through the CCF, is now delivering the most efficient, comprehensive, and cost effective CDMA device certification process available."

The first certified devices to use this single process are expected to hit the market by the end of this year. For more information on this evolutionary process, please visit the CCF Web site at

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The CCF (CDMA Certification Forum) is an independent nonprofit organization owned and operated by leading CDMA operators and vendors from around the world. CCF certifies that CDMA2000 devices meet the requisite product conformance, network interoperability, and essential performance specifications dictated by international standards bodies. In the last year the CCF delivered the most efficient, comprehensive, and cost effective CDMA device certification process for all CDMA markets. For more details, visit the CCF Web site at

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