MINNEAPOLIS, August 5 /PRNewswire/ --

Since IISP announced the Certified Software Process Improvement Professional (CSPIP) program last March, we have received an overwhelming number of inquiries from organizations and individuals in different countries regarding the new certification.

To better reflect this more global certification, the IISP Advisory Board approved the name change from Certified Software Process Improvement Professional (CSPIP) to the INTERNATIONAL SOFTWARE PROCESS IMPROVEMENT CERTIFICATION (ISPIC). "The new name reflects the global nature of the program," said Dr. Magdy Hanna, Chairman and CTO of IISP. Dr. Hanna added that, "IISP will make courses leading to the ISPIC and the certification exams available online for SPI professionals around the world."

The new certification was built around the Software Process Improvement Body of Knowledge (SPIBOK) developed by IISP and its Advisory Board.

The SPIBOK will serve two purposes:

1. As a guide for organizations and individuals to identify and assess the knowledge and skills needed by SPI professionals to perform effectively. 2. As the basis for the formal education requirements for the International Software Process Improvement Certification (ISPIC)

The ISPIC will provide those who participate in SPI efforts with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their job duties with the highest levels of professionalism and competency. This certification will also help hiring managers to better qualify individuals who are supposed to participate in any SPI effort. For more information on the ISPIC Certification, please visit: http://www.spinstitute.org/.

According to Dr. Hanna, the SPIBOK and the ISPIC will help advance the SPI profession as follows:

SPI professionals will:

-- Receive practical education that maximizes their performance -- Gain recognition from peers -- Be able to demonstrate value and professionalism on the job

IISP will be offering the first series of ISPIC classes during the 5th International Conference on Software Process Improvement (ICSPI), taking place October 20-24, 2008 in Washington DC. For more information on the ICSPI conference, please visit: http://www.icspi.com/2008/

About IISP: The International Institute for Software Process (IISP) is an educational, professional development, and consulting organization that aims at promoting practical methods and approaches to software process improvement.

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