LONDON, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Responding to the recent statement from the CBI that Government plans for academic diplomas in England are 'an unnecessary distraction' The Work Foundation argues that far from being a distraction, diplomas should eventually replace GCSE's and A levels as the major route into employment, further and higher education.

As Nick Isles, Director of Advocacy at The Work Foundation says, "The Government missed a trick in 2005 in not implementing the recommendations of the Tomlinson review of the 14-19 curriculum. Tomlinson's recommendations had at their heart a new diploma that would allow crossover between vocational and academic subjects. The Government's diplomas are a halfway house that seeks to go some way towards the Tomlinson blueprint without giving up the traditional A level and GCSE. The CBI who have supported diplomas and had major input into their development are being somewhat disingenuous in now opposing their extension into academic subjects. It is high time business organisations and others recognised the need for the UK's growing knowledge economy to have a 14-19 education system that is fit for purpose. Diplomas are a major step in the right direction to that end."

Notes to Editors

1. The Work Foundation is an independent research organisation and consultancy.

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