MUNICH, Germany, June 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobile communications operator T-Mobile International has chosen the Rohde Schwarz group as the exclusive supplier of its standard drive test systems. The contract includes the delivery of RS ROMES software and associated mobile radio scanners to five European countries. T-Mobile International will use the drive test systems from Rohde Schwarz to test the transmission quality of channels in its mobile radio networks. This will enable the network operator to ensure interference-free mobile communications coverage.

The drive test systems' performance and cost effectiveness made T-Mobile International decide in favor of Rohde Schwarz. The company's TM solution is the fastest on the market and can simultaneously analyze the quality of both GSM and UMTS radio channels. This is a key advantage for T-Mobile International because the drive test systems can handle all of the standards relevant to its networks.

T-Mobile International provides wireless telephony, messaging and data services to 128 million customers. Our service teams are constantly doing field work to make sure that we provide optimal network coverage, voice quality and data transmission. They rely on Rohde Schwarz drive test systems, which have proven to be excellent solutions, said Kai Schatton, Vice President Radio Networks Automation Quality at T-Mobile International.

Significantly lower acquisition and operational costs compared with other solutions also helped persuade T-Mobile International to partner with Rohde Schwarz. In addition, the systems provide a high level of investment protection: Rohde Schwarz is the leading supplier in drive testing. This will enable us to offer T-Mobile International a long-term, future-safe solution, said Hubert Meichelböck, Head of the Systems and Projects Subdivision at Rohde Schwarz.

T-Mobile International and Rohde Schwarz have enjoyed an excellent partnership for many years, particularly in Germany.

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