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The leaves will soon be falling, carpeting our lawns, borders, paths and driveways and making it one of the busiest times of the year for gardeners as battle commences on the annual autumn clean-up. For many this can be a major, physically demanding chore and never-ending fight against the elements. But help is at hand from the many products on the market designed to make light work of clearing leaves and keeping the garden neat and tidy ahead of winter's arrival.

For example, Toro is one manufacturer that offers a range of products to help reduce the seasonal burden. They include garden vacuums and blowers, leaf collectors and high-suction recycler mowers, all of which provide handy weapons in the gardener's autumn armoury.

Take Toro's Super Blower Vac. This lightweight, hand-held unit makes short work of clearing up leaves because it's effectively three machines in one - a blower, vacuum and leaf shredder that chops material (in a ratio of 10 to 1) into a fine mulch for maximum bagging capacity (52 litres). With an air speed of up to 340km/h and two-speed control, the Super Blower Vac has the power and flexibility to cope with the most challenging clear-up jobs. And attractively priced at only GBP89 including VAT it won't break the bank either.

For gardeners seeking a bit more power and performance, Toro also offers the Ultra 350 Blower Vac, which features an aluminium impeller and variable speed control. Like its stablemate above, it's also a three-in-one machine, but shreds leaves to an even finer ratio of 16 to 1. Air speed is also a more powerful 350km/h, while the variable speed facility offers greater control in both blower and vacuum modes. There's also a comfort-grip control that keeps hands securely in place and makes the product a pleasure to use. The Toro Ultra 350 Blower Vac is only GBP109 including VAT.

Both blower vacs can be used with a handy shoulder collection bag supplied as standard with the units. Alternatively, Toro's clever award-winning Leaf Cart attachment makes the job even easier and quicker. This is like a 'bag on wheels' and is attached to the machine to offer hands-free collection of the leaves. Weighing only 13lb, it offers users a lightweight, easy-to-use alternative to conventional shoulder-slung bag attachments.

The Leaf Cart comes with a large, 154 litre-capacity hard-wearing cloth bag that's quickly and easily connected to the blower vac via a 6ft-long, 3.5in diameter hose. It folds away neatly for easy storage and costs just GBP59 including VAT.

Owners of Toro recycler lawnmowers will know that these high-suction machines are also great for 'vacuuming' up leaves and light debris from the lawn. So if you are thinking of buying a new mower now, these recyclers are also a great investment for clearing autumn debris from your lawn. The machines have special rotary cutting decks that chop leaves into tiny pieces, so a greater volume of material is compacted in the mower's collection bag. Therefore time is saved as bags are emptied fewer times, while the smaller leaf particles decompose more quickly into valuable compost. Prices start at GBP169 including VAT for the electric-powered Eurocycler recycler lawnmower; with this year's award-winning Multicycler petrol model priced from GBP399 including VAT.

For clearing leaves and debris off large grassed areas up to, say, two acres, Toro's has the high-capacity Lawn Vac. This powerful, self-propelled walk-behind machine is fitted with a Briggs & Stratton 5.5hp, 4-stroke petrol engine, and vacuums material through a 76cm (30in) front-mounted nozzle. The machine can also be operated as a powerful blower. With a four-bladed impeller made from 12in, heavy-gauge welded steel, the Toro Lawn Vac can deal with the biggest jobs and toughest material. Collection bag capacity is a substantial 250 litres. The machine costs GBP999 including VAT.

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SuperBlowerVac.jpg - The handy Toro Super Vac is a three-in-one machine that works as a leaf blower, vacuum and shredder to make short work of clearing up autumn leaves from the garden.

Multicycler.jpg - Toro recycler lawnmowers, like this new award-winning Multicycler, are also very effective at 'vacuuming' up autumn leaves and chopping them in to tiny pieces for compositing or disposal.

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