LONDON, October 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribal Fusion(R), the digital marketing solutions company owned by Exponential Interactive, Inc.(R), today announced the availability of Premium and High-Impact site skins ads, which offer a more dynamic and immersive rich media experience on publisher sites. By offering both traditional fixed placement site skins and new run-of-channel site skins, Tribal Fusion enables advertisers to avoid the time intensive skin customisation process while effectively extending the reach of rich media campaigns.

The new Tribal Fusion site skins are available in two forms: Premium and High-Impact. Both adhere to standard banner sizes and feature a variety of dynamic interaction options, including advanced content such as user-initiated video. Premium site skins run as fixed placements on selected publisher sites to enable a full-page expandable rich media ad experience. High-Impact site skins are run-of-channel placements that adhere to standard banner sizes and offer fully scalable, interactive ads without costly skin customisations.

With our new Premium and High-Impact site skins, we're addressing the challenge of creating ads that engage consumers while reducing the time and cost of creative redesign, said Toby Gabriner, President of Tribal Fusion. Tribal Fusion provides these highly creative campaign implementations to advertisers because they are scalable across publisher sites, and they provide the most dynamic ad experience available to a large target audience.

Unlike other Flash-based implementations with complex architecture requirements, Tribal Fusion's site skins offer a more dynamic experience for viewers, without requiring the publisher to manually implement and host the skin. Using standardised ad sizes and a simple tag, Tribal Fusion site skins deliver engaging creative and high-value messaging, while avoiding the numerous conversions that publisher sites typically require. Performance metrics for both Premium and High-Impact skins are available through Tribal Fusion's reporting platform.

The implementation appears seamless to our advertiser and publisher clients, said Matthew Shevach, Vice President, Product Management at Tribal Fusion. At Tribal Fusion, we're dedicated to expanding the possibilities of more engaging creative for advertisers, while enriching the value of our networked affiliates by easily hosting expandable and interactive ad content that attracts and retains users.

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Tribal Fusion is a digital marketing solutions company that drives superior results at all levels of the purchase funnel - from reaching the broadest possible audiences to getting brands in front of people that are already actively looking to buy a particular product or service. Tribal Fusion's teams use their knowledge of what works to help brands capitalise on opportunities. From online to mobile, Tribal Fusion offers better solutions that drive greater results.

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