KARLSRUHE, Germany, October 6 /PRNewswire/ -- RapidSolution Software AG has released the 6th generation of its international bestseller Tunebite on http://audials.com. For the first time, Tunebite 6 now guarantees perfect audio quality, besides other innovations, with up to 54x conversion speeds. It also offers quality control features for the conversion of films to video.

Undisputed legal problem solver no. 1 for DRM copy-protection problems.

Lots of entertainment, many different file formats, many copy protection mechanisms, and lots of problems - this is the situation users are faced with when trying to play copy-protected music, audio books, and videos they have purchased on many different devices at home and on the go. In 2004 Tunebite was the first software to offer users a legitimate option, by simultaneous playback and recording of copy-protected music, of making a private copy for their own use in the file format, best suited to easy playback on their devices. Today Tunebite is no longer a well-kept secret, but rather a legitimate classic with several versions, which has matured over the years into a universal converter, giving consumers worldwide the option of problem-free playback of the music, audio books, and films they have purchased. In this new version 6, the software's previous features, which have been awarded various prizes by international journals, were further improved and enhanced with new innovations:

High Quality, Higher Quality, and Tunebite 6 Quality

The new "PerfectAudio" technology incorporated into Tunebite 6 ensures by means of multiple recordings and sophisticated algorithms that users will have perfect audio files free of copy-protection after their re-recording. Recording quality when converting copy-protected films to video was also improved and dramatically enhanced in Tunebite 6 by means of a new algorithm, improving synchronisation between video and audio tracks. Taking into consideration the PC's operating system and power, Tunebite 6 assesses the expected output quality of the video file to be converted and warns of quality loss, if the PC is lacking in power, before conversion takes place. During conversion Tunebite 6 monitors the quality, suggesting the best Codec selection to avoid problems.

Copy-protection problems with music files will now be solved with up to 54x speeds.

Tunebite 6 now provides 27 virtual sound cards to eliminate copy-protection problems from music and audio books by playback and recording speeds of up to 54x. This speed advantage is particularly useful for larger amounts of music files.

Virtual CD Burner for Playback Software.

Users of playback software with CD burner features can use Tunebite 6 to burn the music files onto a virtual CD, which Tunebite 6 then uses in turn to convert the files into any desired format. Tunebite users benefit from 10x speeds and perfect quality when converting individual music and audio book files by this new method.

Enhanced and greatly simplified operation of the universal converter.

Now Tunebite 6 users do not even need to know the file format of their devices. They simply select the desired output format from a list of manufacturers of mobile phones, MP3 players, games consoles, and other playback devices. This makes the selection of a profile even easier despite more than 100 available output formats for music, audio books, and films.

Recording Devices for Web Videos and Web Radios.

Now Tunebite 6 also provides an audio recorder, specially designed for social web radio stations, e. g. Last.fm, Soundclick, Yahoo Launchcast, or Pandora. This means Tunebite 6 users receive free music of their choice in MP3 format. Tunebite 6 is able to record web videos on YouTube and other video portals automatically, while they are being watched, and to save them in a suitable playback format for any mobile device. As a special option with a child-protection lock, Tunebite 6 Platinum can even record videos from erotica portals.

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RapidSolution Software AG is a leading entertainment software company. RapidSolution's software solutions are available online at audials.com or in retail stores internationally. Its well-known brands include AudialsOne, Tunebite, Radiotracker and MP3videoraptor.

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