FRANKFURT, Germany, October 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- txtr, the leading provider of white-label eReading solutions, today announced plans to work together with PocketBook, a world leader in electronic reading devices, to jointly develop txtr edition versions of PocketBook's eReaders.

A key feature of txtr's industry-leading eReading solution is its support for multiple channels to buy, read and manage eBooks. These channels already include Apple iOS devices, Android devices, PCs, web and dedicated e-Ink based eReaders.

The cooperation with PocketBook will enable txtr's partners, such as booksellers and telecom operators, to offer txtr edition versions of PocketBook's eReaders to their customers. PocketBook eReaders bought from txtr's partners will come preconfigured so that customers can easily purchase ebooks from the partner's store, download them wirelessly, and read them - all directly on their PocketBook eReader. As with all components of the txtr solution this will include full embedded support for Adobe Digital Rights Management technology and access to hundreds of thousands of eBooks.

The first txtr edition will be developed for the new PocketBook Pro 603, with the other new models 602, 903 and 902 following shortly thereafter.

About txtr GmbH

txtr is connected reading. The company covers all aspects of electronic reading with its txtr multi, txtr mercury, txtr catalogue, txtr feeds and txtr editions products.

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About PocketBook

Since PocketBook's inception in 2007, this specialist for mobile reading pursues one definite goal: to develop the ideal electronic reading device fulfilling all desires of its users.

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CONTACT: Press Contact: Fabian Heinrich, Public Relations, fon+49(0)170-9332226, fax +49(0)32223719075,,Rosenthaler Str. 13, 10119 Berlin