LONDON, January 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The UK joins a growing list of countries that are correlating PASCO(R) scientific's SPARKlabs(TM) to their national science education standards, PASCO said today at BETT, a leading world showcase for innovative information and communications technologies and education resources.

The UK joins Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, China, Japan and Korea in their efforts to modify SPARKlabs that are preinstalled on and integrated into the SPARK Science Learning System, an all-in-one learning environment that combines the power of datalogging with inquiry-based content and assessment. The labs, or experiments, are designed for use in science disciplines taught in elementary school through college.

PASCO is engaged in an international effort to galvanize a science learning community around the use of real world, hands-on, inquiry-based content and technology in education, said Kevin Mather, director of international business for PASCO. Many countries are beginning to revitalize science teaching and learning using an inquiry-based model where students learn science by doing science. SPARKlabs offer a clear benefit because they are designed to integrate content, data collection, analysis and assessment. Adapting the labs for use in different countries around the world requires understanding each national curriculum, adhering to country standards and making sure the labs are relevant to the teaching communities in those regions.

PASCO's UK business partner, Feedback Instruments, LTD., is working with UK science education specialists to ensure SPARKlabs are consistent with the guidelines developed by the National Curriculum, and conform to a curriculum refined by the Exam Boards to assess student progress.

Feedback Instruments is delighted to put its years of experience in technology integration toward supporting science education that promotes inquiry and discovery, said Babak Jahanbani, UK sales manager. UK educators have identified the need for experiments that cover basic principles, take students through the set up process, provide immediate results and enable analysis. SPARKlabs provide the high level of inquiry-based learning UK educators seek, while giving them the flexibility to use them in ways applicable to their teaching efforts. Feedback Instruments will provide these customized experiments to schools at no cost. The labs will be available to customers using either the SPARK Science Learning System or SPARKvue(TM) software.

Feedback Instruments worked with a prominent retired science educator in the UK to identify and modify the 10 experiments most relevant to A-level exams. Educators at BETT will evaluate these experiments before the company proceeds with others. In addition, Feedback Instruments is consulting with an active member of the Institute of Physics, and various chemistry and biology experts to ensure each experiment aligns with UK standards.

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