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- Reaching the 500 million Users of Global SNS and Mobile Media -

UNIQLO will begin transmitting "20 COLOR T", the third version of its UNIQLOCK blog parts on Monday April 28. UNIQLOCK blog parts are developed to globally promote the UNIQLO brand and raise brand awareness. UNIQLOCK has proved really popular with over 100 million page views in 212 countries.

This third version is designed to further expand the reach UNIQLOCK on mobile phones and popular SNS* (social networking services).

- Launching UNIQLOCK Version 3

Today, UNIQLO began transmitting "20 COLOR T", the third version of its UNIQLOCK blog parts, intended to globally promote the UNIQLO brand and raise brand awareness. (

The UNIQLOCK Version 3 has been developed not only as a blog part but also for other familiar, personal elements in our lives such as the mobile phone and popular global social networking services.

We are looking to spread UNIQLOCK's reach further by expanding the service beyond blog parts to the more than 100 million mobile phone user contracts in Japan alone, and also to the approximately 530 million SNS users around the world (Data from Pyramid Research USA).

We have also upgraded our popular screen saver (235,000 downloads as of April 20) to an online screen saver. You download it once and then it automatically updates to enable people around the world to enjoy the latest UNIQLOCK.

Four new girls will be joining the existing 4-member UNIQLOCK GIRLS team. The dance video will be more sophisticated with new rhythmic animated characters dancing alongside the UNIQLOCK GIRLS. You can enjoy video content that combines both live action and animation.

Since its launch in June 2007, UNIQLOCK has gained in popularity with over 100 million access users in 212 countries as of this month. UNIQLOCK won gold awards in three sections and also the overall Grand Prix at the recent holding of the Sixth Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards (TIAA). We hope that UNIQLO can continue to develop promotion ideas through UNIQLOCK that so many people freely relate to.

* SNS: Community sites that link people of similar interests and attributes. Mixi is the best-known Japanese sites.

- UNIQLOCK Version 3 - an overview 1) Releasing the mobile UNIQLOCK version You can now enjoy the mobile version of UNIQLOCK on your mobile phone standby screen. On the mobile version, the new animation characters express the time not the UNIQLOCK GIRLS. We are also planning to make music available for download to this screen. 2) Suitable for worldwide SNS On the urging of many global customers, we have made this latest UNIQLOCK version compatible for use on popular SNS sites. 3) A new UNIQLOCK GIRLS team Four new girls will join the existing four girls in the UNIQLOCK GIRLS team offering additional attractive, individualistic dancing. 4) More advanced midnight mode We can now offer even more advanced midnight mode transmission pictures during night-time hours only combining the best of UNIQLOCK Versions 1 and 2 with new material. 5) Live action & animated content Introducing UNIQLOCK's new animation characters who will dance alongside the UNIQLOCK GIRLS in live action.

- UNIQLOCK wins a host of advertising awards including the Tokyo Interactive Ad Award (TIAA)

UNIQLOCK won the overall Grand Prix at the Sixth Tokyo Interactive Ad Awards sponsored by the Internet Advertising Promotion Council. We also won gold awards in a total of three sections - Ad, Campaign Site and Integrated Campaign.

We also won the gold award in the INNOVA LOTUS section at the Eleventh Asia Pacific Ad Fest. This award is presented to the entrant judged to display the most innovative advertising communication.


UNIQLOCK is a campaign site offering mainly blog parts that was launched on June 15, 2007 with the aim of promoting the major UNIQLO products worldwide and also boosting awareness of the UNIQLO brand. We distributed original UNIQLOCK blog parts to blog users depicting our MUSIC x DANCE x CLOCK concept of communication to transcend the language barrier.

The success of UNIQLOCK lies in its transformation of blog parts into entertainment. Based around a functional clock, we expressed time through the universal means of music and dance. The clock sound is developed by the Fantastic Plastic Machine DJ and producer who is well known in Japan and other parts of the world.

As of April 28, 2008, UNIQLOCK has recorded over 100 million page views in 212 countries, with roughly 34,500 UNIQLOCK blog parts currently in use.

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