LONDON, October 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the breakdown of talks today with Alsthom, REW and the two Spanish contractors constructing the Staythorpe power station, Unite official Steve Syson said:

It is hugely disappointing that after more than five hours of talking with these companies they will not listen to reason and ensure that local workers get a chance to work on the construction of this plant.

All we are asking for is that UK workers get a fair crack of the whip. Let local workers show that they have the skills and experience to be the best in the business. It makes no economic sense to bring in workers and it certainly makes no sense to this community when skilled workers are unemployed yet there are jobs to be had on their doorstep.

If this carries on then we simply will not have a skilled UK construction workforce to speak of. But if we cannot make the contractors see sense, then it is up to the Government to do so. It cannot be that the public projects of this country leave no legacy of skills and jobs for the people of this country.

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