LONDON, February 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Opsera Limited, a leading provider of Open Source software and services, today announced the release of Opsview version 3.0.

This release represents a major milestone in Opsview's development and provides the foundations for significant new functionality currently under development. Opsview is a mature, stable and scalable application suite used for monitoring business critical IT systems in a wide number of organisations such as Allianz, Brittany Ferries, Irish Revenue, Plusnet, Winterflood Securities and The University of Surrey. Opsview is Open Source and made available under the GNU General Public Licence.

Opsview delivers significant cost savings over proprietary network monitoring software while delivering the same business benefits. Opsview provides centralised monitoring, shifting focus from fire-fighting to forward planning. Longer term monitoring of trends and service levels facilitates more accurate capacity planning and budgeting, saving time and money.

In summary, Opsview 3.0 provides the following additional capabilities: - Monitoring engine now based on Nagios 3 - New performance graphing framework - Improved Data Warehouse - Even better performance, including faster reloads - Integration of Nagvis tool - Enhanced 'out of the box' configuration

We think that the Opsview implementation at Trinity Mirror PLC has been very valuable; it has enabled us to leverage and extend our existing monitoring capabilities in a cost and time effective way. Opsview and Nagios will also enable us to make significant savings on our maintenance budget. said Gareth Bedford from Trinity Mirror Group.

Michael Walton, C.E.O. of Opsera, commented: Delivering improved services with smaller budgets is a challenge faced by all IT departments. Opsview's enterprise features and performance provide the flexibility and value only Open Source software can deliver and is backed up with professional annual support, consulting and training services from Opsera and our partners.

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About Opsera

Opsera provides Open Source software and services. We also provide business analysis, technical architecture, development and support services based on Open Source software components. We work with companies to translate their business requirements into a cost-effective enterprise architecture, develop their web and business applications and run and support their systems on an interim or on-going basis.

Contact details for media enquiries: Michael Walton Telephone: +44(0)845-057-7887 Email:

Contact details for media enquiries: Michael Walton, Telephone: +44(0)845-057-7887, Email: