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Vertellus Biomaterials ("Vertellus"), a subsidiary of the Health and Specialty Products division of Indianapolis-based Vertellus Specialties Inc., a leading specialty chemicals company, is pleased to announce the signing of a long-term, global licence and supply agreement with Sorin Group Italia Srl ("Sorin"). The agreement, which runs until the end of 2012, covers the supply of Vertellus' PC Technology(TM) to Sorin for coating cardiopulmonary bypass equipment used during open heart surgery.

"Our expansion into the cardiopulmonary market was a strategic aim when we acquired the PC Technology in 2006," said Neil McLoughlin, Vice President, Vertellus Biomaterials. "Today's agreement both validates that investment decision and gives us a good base from which to further develop this unique and exclusive technology into other high value and specialised medical areas."

"Sorin is the world leader in cardiac surgery equipment and continues to launch innovative products," said Dr. Mike Driver, Business Director of Vertellus Biomaterials. "Sorin's use of Vertellus' PC Technology is a major endorsement for us and I am delighted we have entered into this agreement."

Paolo Benatti, Chief Executive of Sorin Group Italia commented, "The agreement signed with Vertellus confirms our intention to continue supplying products for extracorporeal circulation with improved features and biocompatibility for our patients' benefit."

PC Technology is a proprietary portfolio of innovative biocompatible polymers containing phosphorylcholine (PC). These materials have been shown to reduce biofouling and to improve the performance of medical devices. Vertellus in-licensed the PC Technology from Biocompatibles UK Ltd in 2006 and established a Biomaterials business unit in Herriard, Hampshire UK.

When a foreign material is placed in the body, it immediately begins to "reject" the material, coating it with proteins, lipids and cells from the surrounding fluids. PC inhibits this process by binding water tightly around itself, forming a barrier between the body and the coated material. As a result, when PC is coated on or incorporated into a material:

-- Protein and lipid deposition is decreased; -- Adhesion of bacteria and other micro-organisms is discouraged; -- Biofilm and clot formation is minimised; -- Inflammatory response is reduced; and -- Fibrous capsule generation is diminished.

PC Technology materials have proven themselves in many applications, including contact lenses, coronary stents and urological catheters.

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