DARESBURY, England, April 30 /PRNewswire/ --

Vesternet has developed two core products: Zigbox - a compact ZigBee Ethernet gateway Zigbytes - a web-based user interface

Together they form the backbone of any network: Zigbox gathers sensor data... Zigbytes presents it online.

Users can then plug-in multi-vendor ZigBee sensors to build up their own unique solution. These could be power sockets, thermostats, door sensors, appliances and more.

The key point is that users aren't restricted to just one suppliers product range, says Dave Bell, Vesternet CEO. Whereas some other ZigBee solutions are closed networks, we believe that's contradictory to the interoperability of the technology. Instead, Vesternet provide just two enabling products that allow the user to choose from the many different supplier ZigBee devices emerging.

The result is that end-users have 24/7 web based access to their ZigBee sensors, and as new certified products are released from the many industry partners, these will easily plug into and extend the existing network.

Initially the platform will focus on management of Smart Energy and Home Automation devices. But later versions will support new ZigBee profiles such as RF4CE, Building Automation and Healthcare.

Aside from the end-user platform - also available are individual components tools for installers, developers, re-sellers utilities.

Vesternet are now shipping worldwide from US EU locations.


About Vesternet

Vesternet is a ZigBee solution provider, online shop and product integrator. We operate the worlds first dedicated ZigBee eCommerce store, along with a hardware software platform for the remote management of a ZigBee network.

Contact Dave Bell, CEO dave.bell@vesternet.com +44(0)845-257-7814

Contact, Dave Bell, CEO, dave.bell@vesternet.com, +44(0)845-257-7814