ASHBURN, Virginia, December 16, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Virtacore Systems, Inc., a leading provider of hybrid cloud computing solutions designed to meet the dynamic needs of middle market and emerging businesses, announced today it will offer Google Apps for Business and ISPs as part of its growing cloud services, becoming one of the first providers to deliver both hybrid clouds and Google Apps for Business.

The upcoming first quarter 2011 launch of Google Apps for Business from Virtacore coincides with the recent unveiling of its vCore(TM) platform, the first infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering tailored to meet the swiftly changing needs of middle market and emerging businesses, independent software vendors, telcos and service providers.

Virtacore will take over the role previous fulfilled by its parent company, IKANO Communications, as a key wholesale partner for Google Apps for ISPs, which has seen wide interest from wireless and fiber service providers, ILECs and CLECs, cable companies, and even municipalities. Virtacore will also serve as a reseller of Google Apps for Business, an enterprise and SMB-focused offering. Because IKANO was one of the first companies to join Google's solutions provider program, its team brings unsurpassed experience and migration knowledge arising from the transition of hundreds of businesses domestically and internationally to Google Apps.

Virtacore will supply businesses of all sizes Google's popular email and communications tools, such as Gmail - including Postini anti-spam and anti-virus protection, Google Docs collaboration tools, Google Calendar shared calendaring functionality, Google Talk instant messaging with voice and video chat, and Google Blackberry Enterprise Server (GBES) hosting and management. Virtacore will also provide implementation services including Exchange migration, project management, help desk and call center training, and customer/employee communications. Over 3,000 businesses per day signup for Google Apps.

"Virtacore can now provide what many companies are seeking - a cloud provider that can assist at every step of the company's development with every dimension of cloud services," commented George Naspo, CEO of Virtacore. "Whether just starting with email or going all the way to virtualizing entire data centers, Virtacore will support and manage important cloud implementations for business of all sizes."

Today, more than 3 million businesses have moved beyond traditional software and hardware to cloud computing - where data and applications live online and resources can be provisioned and managed "on the fly". IT managers are moving rapidly to transition to managing cloud services rather than managing in-house hardware and network operations for their businesses. Virtacore's combined Google Apps for Business and vCore-based public and private cloud offerings can help accelerate adoption of cloud services for organizations.