ZUG, Switzerland, December 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Swiss Hawk AG's portfolio company Vitaboost International BV launches its new website with online shop today. The new online shop enables customers from all over Europe to order Vitaboost products online. In addition, Vitaboost products will be available in stores from Friday 14th December. The first Vitaboost product is the "Vitaboost Activator", a healthy energy drink product for everyday use with a base of orange, grape and lime juice enriched with Ginkgo Biloba, Taurin, Ginseng, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Schisandra and Guarana. Check out http://www.vitaboost.com for more information.

About Vitaboost International BV

Vitaboost international BV based in Amsterdam was established to develop and distribute innovative and revolutionary vitamin preparations under the brand name 'Vitaboost'. Vitaboost has developed a number of unique products, which contain essential vitamins and energy suppliers that maximise the consumer's energy levels and alertness.

About Swiss Hawk AG

Swiss Hawk AG is building an alternative asset management business through the pursuit of an aggressive investment policy based on actively investing and trading in participations in alternative asset class transactions (mainly late stage pre-IPOs / IPOs) with high-growth potential and planned short term exit. Swiss Hawk focuses on the following business sectors: Digital Media & Entertainment, Information Technology, Real Estate Investment Management & Finance, and Renewable Energy & Environmental Technology. Swiss Hawk is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market.

Contact: Mr Joseph Wipfli Tel: +41-41-511-01-98 E-Mail: contact@swisshawk.com Internet: http://www.swisshawk.com

Contact: Mr Joseph Wipfli, Tel: +41-41-511-01-98, E-Mail: contact@swisshawk.com