KEMSING, England, July 16 -- E Pharm Limited has today launched the only
cosmetic product with Vitamin B12 as the main active ingredient.

Vitacreme B12 is a high-quality product formulated and made in Switzerland.
Vitacreme B12 is the only cosmetic product including vitamin B12
(Cyanocobalamin) as a main active ingredient. This raw material is a modern
formulation with proven effectiveness. The finished products comply with the
international legislation on cosmetics and are tested by and are under permanent
control of the Swiss Vitamin Institute.

Pharmacological studies have shown that, when applied by percutaneous method,
vitamin B12 increases the elasticity of the skin by promoting the reorganisation
of the network of elastin fibres and the production of thin and even collagen
fibres. This action has the overall effect of ’rejuvenating’ the
skin. These studies, which used Vitacreme B12, found that the vitamin promotes:

- Very significant reductions in the number of wrinkles and folds in the skin.
- Significant improvement in skin elasticity - Correction of dry skin -
Decreases in skin folds These clinical studies were conducted in Switzerland and
France. The principal actions of Vitacreme B12 are: - Stimulation and renewal of
the skin cells - Correction of dry skin and deep skin hydration - Prevention of
premature wrinkles - Diminishment of existing wrinkles and skin folds - Relief
after prolonged exposure to the sun and accelerated skin healing - Smoothing or
reducing visibility of new and old scars - Relief of chapped skin

Vitacreme B12 can be used daily as a complement to any other cosmetic product.
It is recommended as a night cream. It may also be applied as a day cream and as
a make-up base.

In rare cases in which the user is allergic to vitamin B12, redness may develop
in the treated areas. In such cases, the redness will disappear without further
complications on cessation of treatment.

Vitacreme B12 is available in two variants:

Cream (50ml tube) - Apply mainly on the face and the neck. Used mainly for
sunburns, scars, chapped skins and cracks.

Body Milk (200ml) Ideal after sport or other open-air activities, such as hill
walking and beach sports, and after the bath or the shower.

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For Trade Enquires please contact: Mr Hiten Patel, +44(0)1732-760-600,