LONDON, January 7 /PRNewswire/ -- The new app from visual voicemail innovator HulloMail(TM) ( optimized for the iPhone makes it long-awaited debut for mobile consumers in the U.K. and U.S. markets - and the new technology, on all counts, was worth the wait. From the developer that revolutionized traditional voicemail by introducing free, easy-to-use voice-emails comes a groundbreaking new app designed for the ultimate SmartPhone. HulloMail's new iPhone app rockets the company's visual voicemail technology to an entirely new level with the introduction of Hullo technology - a powerful new, free two-way messaging capability that enables users to send quick voice messages (known as Hullos) to friends, family and co-workers domestically or overseas without them ever having to place a live call or incur a long-distance charge.

Using Hullos, HulloMail users can converse using voice messages and even reply to their voicemails. Most importantly, Hullos save time and money - users can enjoy a free back and forth verbal conversation, even overseas (where, for example, friends in the U.K. and U.S. can converse for hours, if desired, without incurring a single call charge). Because of this simplicity and the zero cost to send and receive Hullos, HulloMail developers believe that this new form of free digital audio messaging is destined to permanently change voice communication for the SmartPhone generation.

Hullos work most effectively for HulloMail service subscribers and in concert with those SmartPhones (currently on the iPhone and soon-to-be on the BlackBerry and Android platforms) for which the HulloMail app is designed. HulloMail subscribers will be able to quickly play a received Hullo message as it will immediately pop up in their mobile app (essentially, enjoying mobile-to-mobile U.K. - and cell-to-cell U.S. - service), but anyone, including non-subscribers, can experience the personal touch of receiving a Hullo if the sender simply knows the recipient's email address.

Hullos are not the same as Push-To-Talk (PTT), which is a more intrusive, walkie-talkie style medium. Hullos are a non-intrusive form of personalized voice messaging. They offer a hybrid solution that bridges traditional voicemail, live calls and email and is designed to meet the specific needs of active mobile users.

In addition to this exciting new smart voice messaging technology, the app also provides iPhone users on both continents with a menu of advanced voice communication tools including a centralized view and simplified management of their voicemails, missed calls, and voice message synchronization with email compliant accounts, including MobileMe and Gmail, that is virtually unrivalled in the industry.

The iPhone is the ultimate smart phone communications device, said Andy Munarriz, founder and CEO of HulloMail, and HulloMail is the most advanced voice messaging complement to that technology on the market today. With the incorporation of 'Hullos,' our iPhone app takes visual voicemail to an entirely new level, delivering a powerful new twist on the voice messaging experience that will change the way wireless users think of and utilize voice communication. First, there was traditional voicemail, then texting, then tweeting ... now, there are 'Hullos,' which we believe will become a new standard technology for the global mobile marketplace. We want to spread the word ... send someone a 'Hullo' today!

The rollout of the new HulloMail iPhone app has particularly strong potential impact in markets like the U.K. where some carriers do not currently offer access to visual voicemail capabilities - and HulloMail's service can provide an immediate solution for new and existing iPhone consumers. The app can be downloaded for free at

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