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- New generation of Volante suite for data management delivers more speed and more processing intelligence

Powering finance with high-speed data integration, the next generation of the Volante data management suite was announced today by Volante Technologies, Inc. Version 3.5 delivers new ease in data integration for high-speed financial applications, and enhanced capabilities for specialized data types and integration requirements.

Solutions built on Volante 3.5, including Volante Streamer for low-latency integrations and Volante Payments Bridge for SWIFTNet in corporate treasury, are being demonstrated today through June 12th at Volante's booth #4117 at the SIFMA Technology Management Convention in New York.

"This update was designed specifically to meet the pressures of real-time data and low-latency platforms in finance. We have already accomplished speed, as low as micro seconds in translation. Now we are expanding into more formats and data management capabilities," said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante. "The result is a solution that covers a lot of territory. It's a data management system you can design and implement to handle market data integration, derivatives processing or SWIFT message integration. Or you can use it to standardize and organize data across the enterprise."

A wider menu of new and enhanced format plug-ins reduces development time and increases run-time efficiency. These include a growing list of major market data feeds, SWIFT SRG 2008, BAI2, EDI, ISO 8583, and FpML with ISDA and SWIFT validations. A new FAST plug-in offers variants for OPRA, CME, and ISE formats.

With more options for data-based applications within the integration process, Volante 3.5 enables virtually any depth of data management required. In addition to validation, enrichment, cleansing, reconciliation, exception management and similar data management processes, Volante 3.5 now offers data selection and filtering to support the requirements of complex event processing and algorithmic engines.

Support for symbology mapping is also included in Volante 3.5. Because Volante can match non-equivalent formats, using reference data look-ups to fill in missing fields and data messages, it is an ideal solution for migrations, such as the shift to new options symbology formats. Users can capture the information benefits of new formats, while continuing to use legacy applications that consume old formats, until they are ready to upgrade.

Volante 3.5 is available now. To obtain more information or a customized demonstration, contact Volante at

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