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- Supports trading and real-time analytics, high-speed message platforms and CEP, as well as real-time feed normalization

Volante Technologies, Inc., provider of accelerated data integration solutions to the financial industry, today introduced its Streamer series of data integration modules for low-latency environments. Volante Streamer combines handlers for market data feeds with microsecond integration into internal applications and market data platforms. Streamer is being demonstrated today at the Accelerating Wall Street Conference in New York.

Volante offers Streamer modules for Reuters RMDS 6.0, OPRA, and Bloomberg B-Pipe feeds. Additional modules will be released in the future.

"When speed is the decisive factor in business success, Volante has always been the transformation technology of choice," said Vijay Oddiraju, CEO of Volante Technologies. "Now with the addition of feed-specific handlers, Volante Streamer meets the need for low-latency market data integration, as well as offering a low-cost, easily customizable, and high-speed alternative for vendor feed normalization and downstream integration."

With transformation speeds clocked in low single-digit microseconds, Volante Streamer radically reduces the delays and bottlenecks typically created by market data integration or normalization. It works in any business application environment, including direct market access, algorithmic trading, and aggregated order book applications, as well as market data platforms and complex event processing engines.

"The proliferation of dynamic, high-volume, time-sensitive data with broad distribution requirements is causing existing infrastructures to fail -- disrupting business and erasing profits," said Bob Cramer, CEO, Tervela. "Instead of throwing more hardware at the problem, it makes more sense to change the way that data is processed. The transformative messaging technology of Tervela, supported by Volante's low-latency, high-volume integration of market data feeds, provides the performance that capital markets institutions need today."

As with all Volante integration solutions, implementation is rapid, typically cutting project time by half or more. Spreadsheet-style interfaces incorporate pre-built definitions for all financial data standards and message formats such as FIX, FAST and XML. Volante automates all coding and documentation, as well as provides metadata for model-driven initiatives such as data governance and application integration.

About Volante

Since 2001, Volante Technologies has been accelerating data management for the financial services industry, while slashing development time and cost of ownership. Volante provides integration solutions for low-latency environments, service oriented architectures, vendor data consolidation, complex event processing, SWIFT message integration and other complex data challenges. Its metadata-based technology also enables enterprise data governance and model-driven data initiatives.

Volante solutions are employed by buy-side and sell-side institutions around the globe, as well as industry utilities, including Brown Brothers Harriman, The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, and Broadridge. For more information, visit

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