SAN FRANCISCO, July 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Spoonjack, creator of iBone - the Pocket Trombone, today announced the release of Vuvuzela Man(TM) - the world's most powerful yet personal Vuvuzela for iPhone, iPod Touch, and with the forthcoming Big Vuvuzela Man(TM), iPad. Users can customize their horn and with Multi-Vuvuzela(TM) technology, play up to four Vuvuzelas simultaneously. Video and images are available at

We think this is a great step forward for the Vuvuzela, said Tom Scharfeld, founder of Spoonjack. Now anyone can enjoy the Vuvuzela when and where it's otherwise been impossible -- whether it's been banned by their sporting authority, shunned by friends and neighbors, or simply can't fit in their bag.

Vuvuzela Man offers a capable array of intuitive controls. Touch or blow to produce a sound, slide a finger to bend the pitch, and raise and lower the bell to adjust volume. With each additional touch, a new Vuvuzela pops up and plays.

Users can pick their preferred horn from colors including red, green, yellow or blue. With the World Teams upgrade, they can additionally support their favorite team and choose from one of the contenders in the 2010 World Cup.

Though optimized to simulate the noisy 'shower of sound' after which the Vuvuzela was named, Vuvuzela Man allows users to try to make music, too, and play along with any tune in their iPod library.

Pricing and Availability:

Vuvuzela Man is available in the App Store now and free for a limited time. The World Teams Vuvuzela pack is available for purchase within Vuvuzela Man for US$0.99.

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Spoonjack is a developer of innovative mobile and Internet products that make life easier and more fun. Its products entertain, educate, and inform, and include iBone - the pocket trombone, the winner of 'Best Musical Instrument App' in the 2009 Best App Ever Awards. Spoonjack is headquartered in San Francisco.

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