NEW YORK, July 29 /PRNewswire/ --

- uPlayMe Launches New Recommendation Tool, Share Music and Videos with Friends Effortlessly

Dan Pelson left his post as Senior VP of Global Consumer Marketing at Warner Music Group to become the CEO of uPlayMe, a new way to connect with people who share the same taste in music and video.

"The music industry is entering a renaissance," said Pelson. "Music lovers are congregating online, musicians are communicating online, sales are rising online and technology is moving quickly to deliver better services to consumers."

Warner Music Group made an investment in uPlayMe, recognizing the potential to grab a leadership position as social networks become customized around individual's passion-driven interests, especially as "Facebook Fatigue" sets-in. The Dow Jones Venture Wire highlighted uPlayMe as "One to Watch."

uPlayMe connects users with people who have the same taste in music & media. All they do is download the application and then play music or watch video on their computer. uPlayMe will recognize music and videos from a media player (iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player) or browser-based content sources with Internet Explorer and Firefox (YouTube, Hulu, Last.FM, Pandora, Metacafe, CBS Streaming Radio).

What does uPlayMe do?

-- Connects people effortlessly - there's no updating profiles and playlists. You play, uPlayMe connects.

-- Allows people to discover new music and video from those with similar taste.

-- Push songs and video recommendations to your friend's desktops (starting today).

-- Common interest allows for a less contrived interaction. No one is 5'8" saying they're 6'3". It's about what you are actually playing not a fabricated playlist.

-- Offers widget for your favorite social network. Friends viewing your profile see what you are playing in real time.

Coming Soon ... -- Informs users about local concerts of the bands they are listening to. -- Provides band trivia with small pop-ups. ** Images of the site available on request.

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