UTRECHT, The Netherlands, December 19 /PRNewswire/ -- WCC Smart Search Match, the leading provider of high-performance search and match software, today announced that Arbetsförmedlingen in Sweden (Swedish Public Employment Service) has decided to use ELISE as the backbone of its core business process, Job matching. ELISE will support Arbetsförmedlingen job consultants in giving better advice to unemployed people about getting the right job. Arbetsförmedlingen expects to increase the quality of the matching process and get more people in the right jobs faster.

ELISE is capable of searching vast amounts of data to deliver meaningful, ranked results extremely quickly. ELISE optimizes job matching using advanced technologies to search for meaningful results and then ranks these possibilities, allowing job consultants to make intelligent decisions.

We are proud to have Arbetsförmedlingen as our customer, said Peter Went, CEO of WCC. This again proves that ELISE is the preferred choice for Job Matching in demanding, business critical applications. The experience we have with departments of labor in other countries (Germany, The Netherlands, France, UK, Italy, Belgium) will be a real advantage to Arbetsförmedlingen.

About WCC Smart Search Match

WCC is a global technology leader in search and match software. Its ELISE matching system delivers the best possible job matching results using fuzzy and bi-directional search. WCC's core competencies are in HR/staffing, Identity Matching and other markets.

For more information see: http://www.wcc-group.com

About Arbetsförmedlingen Sweden

The Public Employment Service is commissioned by Parliament and the Government. The overall task of the Employment Service is to improve the functioning of the labour market, by

- matching jobseekers with employers wanting to recruit staff - making an extra effort to service individuals far from the labour market - contributing in the long term to stable and high employment rates.

The Public Employment Service is to provide all parts of Sweden with services of equal quality, while at the same time adapting those services to the various conditions and needs of different regions and customers. Our activities also aim at increasing the geographic and vocational mobility of the jobseekers.

The Public Employment Service is pleased to be able to enhance the quality of our services, by using ELISE in our matching processes.

For more information see: http://www.arbetsformedlingen.se

Press contact: Gert-Jan Scheers, +31(0)6-25040179, gscheers@wcc-group.com