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- Work Related Stress Costs EU Businesses EUR20 Billion a Year(1)

CA (NASDAQ: CA), the world’s leading independent provider of IT
management software, has released the results of a new independent survey: The
2009 ’CA Web Stress Index’.

The study has revealed that British workers are suffering with unacceptable
levels of ’Web Stress’ resulting in frustration, lowered morale and
lost productivity due to under-performing web applications. With estimates
putting the cost of work-related stress in the EU at EUR20 billion a year(1) and
business performance being more critical than ever in today’s economic
climate, smart companies are those that are taking ’Web Stress’

The ’Web Stress’ survey confirmed that web applications play an
increasingly critical part of today’s job roles. 63% of workers say they
rely on them more now than two years ago and nearly all respondents (98%)
wouldn’t be able to do their job without them. However, 31% say that every
day they have to cope with badly performing applications with an additional 40%
claiming this happens on a weekly basis. Worryingly, 83% say they have no choice
but to use some business applications even when they aren’t working
properly, painting a bleak picture of idle employees and wasted time.

Web applications are centre-stage in most organisations and pretty much
everything we do at work is either reliant upon or influenced by them. They are
business-critical so when they underperform, productivity and morale suffer and
there are immediate consequences for the organisation, said Kobi Korsah,
Director, EMEA Product Marketing, at CA. With an Application Performance
Management solution* from CA, companies have 24x7, real-time, end-to-end
monitoring of all transactions across their web application environment. This
means potential problems are identified and resolved before they impact
employees, customers and the business. Taking the right corrective action means
that employee ’Web Stress’ is kept to a minimum which in turn
supports the bottom line - critical in today’s economic climate.

Unmet online expectations result in ’Web Stress’

In today’s Internet driven economy, end-user expectations are high - they
expect web applications to be always available and instantly responsive. The
research bore this out - 17% of workers will give an application just 10 seconds
to respond before they move on to something else. By 20 seconds, 42% have run
out of patience and by a minute, 70% will have exceeded their ’Web
Stress’ threshold and clicked away. When asked about how fast problems or
errors should be fixed, respondents displayed equally high expectations. 11%
said problems should be resolved within 10 minutes. This grew to 48% for within
an hour and to 88% for in a day or less.

The cause of ’Web Stress’ is when a web application underperforms
and does not meet user expectations. This has a detrimental impact in the
workplace and stirs up negative emotions. 81% say it results in wasted time and
lost productivity, 60% admit it makes them angry and 47% say it is reducing
their job satisfaction.

The costs to businesses of work-related stress like ’Web Stress’
are widely reported as high staff turnover, sick leave and absenteeism,
premature retirement, reduced work performance, poor time keeping and reduced

Alexander Kjerulf, Chief Happiness Officer of the Happy at Work Project
commented: Organisations expect staff to be efficient and productive at work,
but when IT systems fail, employees get stressed and frustrated because they are
prevented from carrying out even basic tasks. As a corporate speaker, author and
consultant on ’happiness at work’, I visit many companies around the
globe and the one common issue that stands out is underperforming IT. Poor Web
Applications are a major contributor which in turn results in employee stress,
decreased productivity, absenteeism and high staff turnover. Individuals are
’happy at work’ when they are efficient, capable and add-value.
Increasingly, efficient and stable web applications are an essential tool
without which we can’t do our jobs effectively.

Other findings from the survey include: - 69% report that poor internal IT
negatively affects their view of their employer - If the IT systems at work are
inadequate, 47% won’t recommend their employer to others and 36% would
consider leaving

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About CA Wily Application Performance Management solutions

* With more than 1200 customers worldwide, CA Wily is the market-leading
provider of Application Performance Management solutions. The CA Wily APM
solution manages the performance and availability of critical Web applications
and the end user experience. This enables organisations to measure the business
value of each user’s online experience, proactively identify and
prioritise problems based on business impact, and triage and resolve problems
across complex and heterogeneous application environments before they affect
users, customers and business. This means better customer service, more stable
revenue streams and higher IT productivity. For further information on CA Wily
APM, visit http://www.ca.com/apm

About the Survey

The 2009 CA Web Stress Index was carried out by an independent survey company,
Redshift Research (http://www.redshiftresearch.com/). 1,000 knowledge workers
were surveyed. Knowledge workers are defined as business professionals who used
a PC for more than four hours a day for work. The survey was carried out in
France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK in May 2009 via an online questionnaire
(200 per country).

About Alexander Kjerulf

Alex is the world’s leading expert on ’happiness at work’. He
has long known that happiness at work is the most important factor that
contributes to good careers, happy lives and business success. He is a speaker,
consultant and author, presenting and conducting workshops on happiness at work
at businesses and conferences all over the world. His clients especially
appreciate his unlimited energy, his dedication to happiness at work and his
ability to keep his message simple and practical and fun. Alex has a masters
degree in computer science from The University of Southern Denmark, and was a
co-founder of Enterprise Systems.

For more information visit http://www.positivesharing.com

About CA

CA (NASDAQ: CA) is the world’s leading independent IT management software
company. With CA’s Enterprise IT Management (EITM) vision and expertise,
organizations can more effectively govern, manage and secure IT to optimize
business performance and sustain competitive advantage. For more information,
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Contact Details: Simon Burberry and Jennifer Sneyd, ca@chameleonpr.com,