LONDON, April 14, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The Conservative Party has launched its general election manifesto An invitation to join the Government of Britain. It sets out the party's plans to revive Britain's economy, mend its frayed social fabric and restore faith in the political system.

At the heart of the manifesto is the principle that government isn't just a job for elected politicians, but for the entire country. David Cameron said his vision would bring a new kind of government with less state and more people power. It is this people power that is being embraced by video technology company Winkball, a British video messaging and broadcasting service that gives Britain's Government and citizens the means to create policies together.

The Conservative Party wants millions of us fired up to play a part in the nation's future. Winkball say they can get the nation talking politics again .

A poll published by NESTA* revealed that 40% of us would like more opportunity to interact online with politicians and Government. This rises to 60% of the digital generation, those 18-24 year olds preparing to vote in their first election.

David Cameron wants us to pull together, work together and be inspired and mobilized. Voters and politicians alike can air their ideas over dedicated video channels and join in the debate on policy on video walls.

If you want to join the debate:

*NESTA; Online electioneering fails as voters demand more interaction

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