GENEVA, Switzerland, December 7 /PRNewswire/ -- A private-public sector partnership led by the United Nations Association Brazil (UNA-Brazil), the International Organization for Secure Electronic Transactions, the Sustainable Development Forum and security software firm WISeKey Brazil today launched the Digital Vote Against Carbon Pollution, a pledge for the use of digitally authenticated ID software for citizens around the world to signal their support for clean energy policies through the Internet.

Such a proposal is essential for improving public support of progressive climate change policies, said Carlos Moreira, founder and CEO of WISeKey. The NetCarbonOffset Consortium will smartly use the Internet and digital identification to rally commitments to offset carbon footprints. The final objective of this Brazilian project is in line with the Copenhagen conferences's baseline goal to promote policies for greenhouse gas reduction.

As United Nations delegates, activists, and government negotiators from around the world meet in Copenhagen today to hammer greater commitments of resources from developed countries in the fight to prevent future climate change disasters, this new Brazilian-Swiss private-public sector partnership promises to marshall popular support to help improve the fate of regions seriously threatened by the forces of climate change, like the Amazon.

The project signals a new leadership model to tackle global climate change that may be worth replicating in other communities around the world, Moreira said.

The summit in Copenhagen will be a great opportunity for delegates to agree on reforms to the US$33 billion trade in carbon offsets, he added. We would welcome an agreement on major reforms that include the scaling up of the Kyoto framework, which rewards clean energy projects in developing nations like Brazil, he said.

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CONTACT: Contact: Dimitry Leger, WISeKey corporation communicationsdirector, Tel: +41-22-594-30-08, E-Mail: