PARIS, November 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- WISeKey, based in Geneva, is known worldwide as a leader in digital identities and cryptography.

WISeKey France brings the number of affiliates in the group, which is very active in Brazil, Russia and Spain, to ten.

WISeKey France's creation is a major step for the development and use of WISeKey's skills in countries where the PKI market is already mature. "France created the SIM card, the essential element in all modern mobile phones. Today, SIM cards allow the storage of digital identities," stated Carlos Moreira, WISeKey Founder and CEO.

WISeKey France has signed a first contract with Biolog, specialists in "RFID" radio identification, to answer the traceability needs of blood transfusion products. This project integrates the digital identity into an electronic label for each RFID chip, which is encrypted and digitally signed with a PKI key from WISeKey. The system manages remotely and in real time the stocks, temperature of the storage and the state of the bags.

WISeKey France is assisted by a supervisory board, under Jacques Simonnet's Presidency. "We have made contact within France's industry to bring disruptive technology that improves companies' competitiveness through the confidential exchange and protection of information. Through the OISTE Foundation, based on Swiss law, WISeKey offers the neutrality of this "confidentiality", which has become essential in both private business and the public sector," said Jacques Simmonet, Chairman WISeKey France.

Carlos Moreira concluded, "We wanted Jacques Vannier, Michel Fleuriet and Serge Ferré, experts in domains that use digital projects on a grand scale, to join our Supervisory Board, allowing us to implement our strategy in the banking, industry, telecom and luxury sectors."


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