GENEVA, November 30 /PRNewswire/ -- WISekey, the bespoke digital security solutions company, was today named the sole provider of security software and services to the high tech sailing syndicate, Alinghi, as it prepares to defend its trophy against challenger BMW Oracle for the 33rd America's Cup in 2010.

WISeKey SA will develop state of the art digital security systems to protect Alinghi's operations and sailing technology during the entire event. The range of services will include securing and hosting the team's website, creating and distributing biometric-protected electronic tokens to secure Alinghi operational and sailing communications on site, and digital signature certificates to eliminate environmental waste for the syndicate's transactions and facilities. WISeKey will also provide secure accreditation devices for all Alinghi facilities, including electronic identity credentials and USB data storage security tokens.

We are proud to be named the sole provider of Alinghi's electronic security solutions, said Carlos Moreira, WISeKey's chairman and CEO. WISeKey and Alinghi share many values. We both deeply believe in integrity, excellence, and first rate technology above all. And we have a knack for building winning organizations in Switzerland.

The deal is a coup for the ten-year-old company, repeating a success first achieved in the last America's Cup in 2007. The America's Cup is the oldest active international sporting trophy and it is hotly contested and very popular. The 2007 edition in Valencia captured television global audiences of up to 200 million viewers.

During the next America's Cup, WISeKey will release its next generation of WISeAuthentic products, including the eKey+, a portable secure ID device to adapt the security services WISeKey provides Alinghi to industries and governments with sensitive information, facilities, and online and off-line events they want to improve with user-friendly and strong identity authenticating products and services.

We are delighted to welcome back WISeKey as a sponsor of Alinghi for the 33rd America's Cup. As a team we need to share and access confidential information, such as design data, so security is paramount in our campaign to try and win the America's Cup again. Our partnership with WISeKey will ensure that we have the optimum protection, says Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi team president.

The deal with Alinghi comes at the heels of other recent successes for WISeKey. The World Economic Forum, the foundation renowned for its annual conference in Davos on ethics and globalization, on Sept. 10 named WISeKey a New Champion among global growth companies at the forefront of demonstrating how entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology can relaunch global growth. Also, this fall, WISeKey announced plans to open operations in China and Abu Dhabi.

Alinghi rejoins a cast of WISeKey clients and partners that are diverse and top of the line, including Microsoft, luxury watchmaker Hublot and IKEA.

WISeKey will be joining Hublot in this partnership with Alinghi combining the breakthrough technology WISeKey has developed for Hublot in the fight against counterfeiting. ORLD2009.aspx

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CONTACT: FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Please contact Dimitry Leger, WISeKeyscorporate communications director, at: Office: +41-22-594-3008, Mobile:+41-78-707-1786,