GENEVA, Switzerland, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- WISeKey will be providing Digital Certification Services and use of the HighTrusted Platform to the Cecilia Attias Foundation for Women which provides concrete improvement in the lives of women worldwide by serving as a strategic, media, and financial platform for organizations that champion the cause of women's equality and well-being.

The Digital Certification Services and the HighTrusted Platform to be used by the Cecilia Attias Foundation is designed to deliver integrity and accountability capabilities for Web transactions through centralized digital signatures and time stamping. Thus organizations and individuals participating in the foundation's work will have full accountability, privacy and traceability of their transactions.

The services to be provided will include: - Digital Certificate Seal to be displayed on web sites of the foundation members - PKI and Digital signatures as approval of transactions - Evidence that the transaction occurred at a particular moment in time - Verification that the transaction has not been altered since it was signed and has reached the recipient appointed by the foundation - Deliver a verification and audit trail of all records even years after the transaction occurred

WISeKey is presently supporting the work of many non-profits and NGOs, allowing them to use the Internet for Secure Electronic Transactions and to launch related initiatives. WISeKey is also teaming with NPO/NGO organizations around the world to develop via the Internet, public investment programs that improve access to basic human needs, health, mobility, education, and economic opportunities. We focus this work on underserved communities and look for solutions that harness the power of digital identification on the Internet and trusted communications technology.

More information at: Kontakt: Estrella Vela Tel.: +41-22-594-30-00 E-Mail:

Kontakt: Estrella Vela, Tel.: +41-22-594-30-00, E-Mail: