LONDON, April 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) today announces the release of nlyte Workflow(TM) v2.1. The new release is immediately available for GDCM's global data center commercial customers, as an upgrade to its nlyte workflow solution v1.1.

Data center personnel are facing enormous problems managing IT changes, overheating, power costs and usage levels, as well as maintaining the information necessary to predict the physical impact of implementations, consolidations and the retirement of IT assets. nlyte solves complex problems related to managing physical capacity, delaying capital expenses and reducing operational cost related to power, cooling, space and human capital.

The nlyte workflow application leverages nlyte's physical and logical data center configuration information, allowing organisations to build an entirely customizable and integrated workflow process and methodology. As an example, the nlyte workflow engine can be used to document, audit and implement an entire ITIL-based process, including all groups, personnel, policies, reports, forms, actions and existing support systems.

"This upgrade represents a significant value for our customers, now allowing them to quickly modify their custom process without having to employ additional software development or professional services," said Robert Neave, Development Director of GDCM. The new release greatly enhances the flexibility and extensibility of our workflow engine, giving our customers the ability to quickly build, modify and maintain comprehensive workflow processes and ITIL frameworks".

nlyte Workflow 2.1 extends the nlyte workflow module to include:

- Enhanced user login and permissions

- Data capture, form building and permission grants-based segmenting

- List building and data binding

- Data driving reporting

- Sharing and maintaining secure files

- New workflow activities (Branch and Loopback)

nlyte Workflow v2.1 is available immediately. For more information please contact

About Global DataCenter Management Limited (GDCM)

Global DataCenter Management (GDCM) was founded in 2003 with the aim of allowing organizations to increase efficiency and reduce cost within data centers - as well as to reducing power consumption and addressing environmental obligations. Today, GDCM provides data center software designed to help data center managers make the most of their IT investments while minimizing complexity and costs. GDCM's flagship product, nlyte, is the only data center management tool to provide an intelligent and automated view of all physical and virtual assets and workgroups within the data center.

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