HEERLEN, The Netherlands - Mondial de L'Automobile, October 1 /PRNewswire/ --

- World Première DuraCar, Mondial de L'Automobile 4-19 October

HEERLEN, The Netherlands - Mondial de L'Automobile, October 1 /PRNewswire/ --

It is a world-first for a Dutch automobile manufacturer to have a world première at the historic Paris fair. DuraCar introduces itself and its first type of the QUICC!, the QUICC! DiVa, at stand 426 in hall 3.

100 % Electric and Plastic

DuraCar launches a unique car on the market: the QUICC! DiVa. The QUICC! DiVa is not only fully battery electrically powered, body and chassis of the car are entirely made of plastic. The QUICC! DiVa is green, economical and its compact design was developed for urban traffic purposes. In 2009 the car will be launched on the market.

Professor Dipl.-Ing. Johann Tomforde

At the Paris Fair DuraCar shows a technically optimized prototype, with new Lithium ion batteries and a completely new electric drive train. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Johann Tomforde, spiritual father of the SMART ForTwo, is jointly responsible at DuraCar's for the ongoing designing process of the QUICC! in preparation for mass production in 2010.

Innovative Applications for QUICC! - Lithium ion Iron Phosphate batteries - Bipolar lead battery (new lead battery technology) - Bio-Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell technology - Plastic body and chassis; application of new Cradle to Cradle plastics


DuraCar has developed a fully electrically powered distribution van applying an integrated set of breakthrough technologies. This distribution van, developed specifically for inner-city traffic, carries the name QUICC! (brand name) DiVa (short for Distribution Van, type name).

QUICC! cars will be packaged with Lithium ion Iron Phosphate battery packs or a special bipolar lightweight lead battery pack, ensuring a top speed of 120 km/h and range of 150 km, when the average urban distribution van covers some 50 km per day.

Zero PM10s, Zero CO2, Practically Silent

The unique differences between QUICC! and vehicles equipped with conventional combustion engines are all too clear: an average energy consumption of no more than 1 to 2 euros per 100 km, zero PM10 emissions and practically silent. DuraCar mainly focuses on the commercial market, especially on cars used for inner-city distribution, as cities have the highest percentage of air quality problems.

World Première

The new Dutch car brand QUICC! will have its official world première at the 2008 Paris Motor Show Mondial De L'Automobile, starting 4 October and ending 19 October. It is a world-first for a Dutch automobile manufacturer to debut in Paris. It is with great pleasure that DuraCar invites you to come and visit stand 426 in hall 3 at the Fair.

Prototype QUICC! DiVa

In Paris DuraCar will introduce its first prototype, with its optimized drive train technology practically ready for small-scale production. In cooperation with selected clients this small-scale pilot series will be tested making as many trial kilometres as possible. In the spring of 2009 the building of the series will be launched.

Design in the Hands of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Johann Tomforde

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Tomforde, famous as an automobile developer with a vision and chief designer and technology specialist at SMART, joined the management team a few months ago and is now responsible for the ongoing designing of QUICC! In cooperation with the first generation of QUICC! launching customers and in an interactive development process, this internationally recognized automotive specialist will optimise the total concept, the design and the safety of the lightweight construction for mass production. Main clients will get the opportunity of actually contributing to the process.

By the end of 2010 the European cities will be the stage for clean mobility with large numbers of 100 % electric drive train QUICC!s.

More information: http://www.quicc.eu and http://www.mondial-automobile.com.

DuraCar Holding B.V.

DuraCar is a Dutch-based company occupied in the development of modern and sustainable automotive concepts. DuraCar's main shareholder is Econcern. Econcern's mission is "sustainable energy supply for everyone" and supports the development of this innovative concept. DuraCar introduces QUICC!, its first automotive concept, in Paris. The QUICC! DiVa is the first type of a series to be launched by DuraCar, but more are to follow under the brand name QUICC!

More information: http://www.duracar.nl, http://www.quicc.eu, http://www.econcern.nl


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